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Apple iPod Touch 2019 Review (7th generation)

Apple iPod Touch 2019 7th generation review

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Apple iPod Touch 2019, a small music player can do more than play MP3s, as it works as a game console, digital assistant and a useful secondary camera. In summary, the iPod Touch offers many of the main functions that the iPhone does, but at a fraction of the price.

The iPod Touch is now in its seventh generation, with Apple equipping it with an Apple A10 Fusion SoC along with 2 GB of RAM. The device comes preloaded with iOS 12 in its 32 GB storage too.

iPod Touch 2019 Case

The iPod Touch 2019 comes in a variety of colors, unlike its iPhone brothers. Apple currently sells the device in blue, gold, pink, silver, space gray and red, the latter of which bears the (PRODUCT) RED mark. Apple continues to donate up to 50% of its profits from (PRODUCT) RED sales to the organization of the same name, which aims to help eliminate HIV / AIDS in eight African countries.

Apple iPod Touch 2019 7th generation case colorsVisually, little seems to have changed between generations, with the iPod Touch 2019 losing some of the certification logos that adorned the back of its predecessor. The device has the same screen size, footprint and weight as the sixth generation iPod Touch, with a 4-inch screen that offers a screen-body ratio of 62%. This is unfortunately low by modern standards, with the start button of the old iPhones reinforcing the antiquated look of the iPod Touch.

However, the matte aluminum rear case still looks top quality, especially if you consider that the device starts to cost US $ 199. Few Android smartphones are so well built at this price. The black plastic trim looks ugly and ruins the first quality aesthetics a bit. The cover reminds us of a matrix of two cameras. However, it is for the Wi-Fi antenna, which would have difficulty operating through the metal chassis. We still do not understand why Apple decided not to match the color of the cover.

Apple iPod Touch 2019 Display

Apple is not known for using high-resolution screens on their smartphones, but the 640p panel of the iPod Touch 2019 has a woefully low resolution by today’s standards. However, the screen has a nice brightness, as it reaches a maximum average brightness of 559 cd / m² according to X-Rite i1Pro 2. This makes the iPod Touch 2019 brighter than all, except the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 of our comparison devices and the streets ahead of Android smartphones of comparable price like the Nokia 4.2. The panel also has 94% uniform illumination, which puts the iPod Touch 2019 ahead of all our Apple comparison devices.

The screen also has a decent color accuracy, although its black value is a high touch at 0.64 cd / m², which also negatively affects its contrast ratio. However, the DeltaE deviations of our review unit are impressive, as is the color temperature of the screen. The first is close to the ideal and are much better than those of the Galaxy A40 or Nokia 4.2.

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The iPod Touch 2019 has stable viewing angles and is easy to use outdoors. The screen has a reflective glass finish that captures light on sunny days, but its high maximum brightness means that it should remain legible even in bright sunlight.

iPod 2019 Connectivity

iCloud is an alternative if you plan to use your iPod Touch only on a Wi-Fi network, but additional storage is also expensive. In short, the 32GB model will run out of storage quickly if you install a few large games and store music locally.

Each model comes with 2 GB of RAM. Apple also includes a 3.5 mm connector, a rarity among its current mobile offerings. The biggest difference between the iPod Touch 2019 and the older iPhones is the lack of mobile connectivity. The iPod Touch has no SIM card slot, which makes it incompatible with services that require a mobile number, such as WhatsApp.

The iPod Touch 2019 is compatible with all modern Wi-Fi standards up to 802.11ac. It also supports Bluetooth 4.1, which is already quite outdated. Our review unit could not match the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy A40 in our iperf3 Client Wi-Fi tests with our Linksys EA8500 reference router, but still had an average of more than 150 Mb / s in both tests we performed.

Apple does not include a GPS module, but the iPod Touch can use Wi-Fi networks to approach your location. The pre-installed Apple Maps application worked well during our tests, although the device will not be able to find you if there are no Wi-Fi networks nearby.

As a result, our review unit could not trace our route accurately during our obligatory bicycle ride. The iPod Touch 2019 said that we had traveled about 2 km less than our bicycle reference computer, the Garmin Edge 520, had recorded. As the following screenshots demonstrate, you can not rely on the iPod Touch 2019 to provide accurate location data.

iPod Touch 2019 Camera

We did not think we would revise a device with a 1.2 MP camera, but here we are. The iPod Touch 2019 also has an 8 MP camera to look back, but its sensor to look forward is surprisingly good, considering the amount of MP it has. The photos seem discolored, but they are pleasantly clear if they do not come too close. In general, the front camera is good enough to use services like FaceTime.

The camera to look back will not win any prizes, but its LED flash helps you in low light shots. Naturally, the iPod Touch 2019 cannot compete with modern flagships, but the 8 MP sensor is not a complete potato. The iPod Touch 2019 can also record videos in up to 1080p at 30 FPS.

iPod Touch Software

The iPod Touch 2019 comes with iOS 12 pre-installed, currently the latest version of the operating system at the time of writing this article. Apple will also launch iOS 13 on the device, but this will not extend to the latest generation of iPod Touch. The iPod Touch 2019 will be the only model that will receive iOS 13.

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Apple does not pre-install any bloatware, but it does include internal applications such as GarageBand, Keynote and its health application. The iPod Touch 2019 also comes with the Apple App Store, giving you access to tens of thousands of applications and making it almost as versatile as an iPhone.

You can also use the iTunes Backup and Restore service to transfer your data from another iPod, iPhone or iPad to the iPod Touch 2019. The process works well and is one of the most impressive aspects of iOS in our opinion.

Unfortunately, Apple continues to restrict the iPod Touch’s synchronization through iTunes. You can import photos through iPhoto on Mac, but to copy photos or music on your device you need to use iTunes. The media player also converts MP3 files to Apple’s AAC format, of which we are not fans. You can use music streaming services such as Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify if you do not have a desktop or laptop computer.

iPod Touch 2019 Performance

Apple equips the iPod Touch 2019 with its own SoC A10 Fusion, a chipset that we saw for the last time on the iPhone 7 . However, not all A10 Fusion SoCs are the same, since Apple downloads the iPod Touch 2019 at 1.6 GHz. On the contrary, the SoC of the iPhone 7 can reach up to 2.3 GHz, which gives it an advantage of 30% performance in synthetic benchmarks.

That said, the iPod Touch 2019 constantly outperforms the Nokia 4.2 and the Galaxy A40 , which highlights how powerful the A10 Fusion is , more than two years old. The cheapest version of the iPod Touch is a bargain if only the performance is taken into account.

iPod Touch 2019 Speakers

The iPod Touch 2019 has a mono speaker, which gets surprisingly loud. The one in our review unit reached a maximum of 81.8 dB (A) in our tests, although it sounds a bit thin. The iPhone 7 speaker , for example, plays better the bass tones than the iPod Touch 2019, but the speaker of the latter can still be heard. It’s not nice to our ears, but it’s good enough for occasional use.

Ultimately, external audio equipment will offer a better listening experience than the monophonic speaker could offer. The iPod Touch 2019 has a 3.5mm connector, a Lightning port and Bluetooth to connect headphones or speakers, all of which worked perfectly during our tests.

Apple iPod Touch 2019 Battery duration

Apple promises that the iPod Touch 2019 can play up to 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video with its small 1,043 mAh battery. These estimates generally do not reflect real-world usage, but our review unit achieved an execution time of 8:04 hours in our practical Wi-Fi battery life, so 8 hours of video playback is plausible.

The decision of Apple to strangle the SoC is a blessing for the duration of the battery, since the iPod Touch 2019 needs to be recharged only 33 minutes before the iPhone 7 , despite having a battery almost 50% smaller. None of our other comparison devices comes close to the iPod Touch here.

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iPod Touch Accessories and Warranty

Apple includes only a few accessories with the iPod Touch 2019. Our review unit came with a Type A to Lightning USB cable and a set of 3.5mm cable headsets, but no charger. The first ones sound good enough for the included headphones.

The iPod Touch 2019 is compatible with other Apple accessories, such as your AirPods, in case you prefer to use wireless headphones. The device comes with a 24-month limited warranty as well. Check our frequently asked questions about Guarantees and return policies to obtain specific information for each country.

Apple iPod Touch 2019 Price

The iPod Touch comes in a choice of three storage options. Apple includes 32 GB in the basic model, with 128 GB of storage in the midrange variant and 256 GB in the $ 399 version. Charging $ 200 more for an additional 224 GB of storage is exorbitant, especially since the device does not support expandable storage. The prices and storage options are as follows:

Model Storage Price
Entry-level 32 GB US $ 199
Midrange 128 GB US $ 299
Top of the range 256 GB US $ 399

Apple iPod Touch 2019 Conclusion

The iPod Touch is much more than just a music player. Its Wi-Fi connectivity and App Store support make it almost as flexible in many areas as an iPhone or other smartphones. You can check emails, watch movies in real time, take decent photos and download the latest applications or games, which is perfectly suited to some people.

Of course, the iPod Touch does not have an LTE modem, which restricts it to connecting only to Wi-Fi networks. Similarly, you do not have a headset, so you can not make VoIP calls unless you have headphones with an online microphone connected. The first may not be a problem for many people since most streaming services allow you to download the content in advance. It’s frustrating that services like WhatsApp do not work because you need a mobile phone number.

The iPod Touch also has other drawbacks. Its small touch screen does not respond well with large fingers, while the inclusion of just one start button and no gesture controls seems outdated after having used iPhones, iPads or modern Android devices. Also, we are not Apple fans charging up to $ 200 more for additional storage.

The US $ 399 256 GB model offers poor value for money in our opinion, while the $ 299 128 GB model is also difficult to sell. However, the US $ 199 32 GB model could be a good option for some people, with an updated version of iOS and more powerful than many Android smartphones of comparable price. The device even handles the games well and has achieved decent run times in our battery life tests. In general, the iPod Touch 2019 7th generation would be very suitable for someone who prefers small devices and can overlook their various flaws.

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