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Apple to replace faulty iPhone 6S battery for free

iPhone 6S battery faulty battery

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It’s just days since Apple launched its own repair program for the so-called Touch Disease which affected a lot of iPhone users all over the world. Now Apple is offering a free replacement of iPhone battery for a limited number of iPhone’s that were released as part of a unit.

A small number of iPhone 6S batteries have a defect that cause the terminal to turn off suddenly. According to Apple, this defective iPhone’s belongs to a small batch that was manufactured between September and October 2015.

Apple announced this yesterday on their official website. The site also made it clear, that this got nothing to do with the faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problem where the battery exploded which forced the company to stop manufacturing the model. According to Apple, the battery problem in iPhone 6S is a minor glitch and is only limited to a batch of iPhones produced between a certain time period.

If you suspect if your iPhone 6S belongs to the faulty batch, take you phone to an Apple Store or an authorized dealer certified to do this inspection. They will check the serial number of your device against the numbers from the defective batch. If you are qualified, you will get a free replacement without any charge to the iPhone owner.

Any other damage to the device or the screen which might have an effect on the battery must be repaired at customer’s expense. Also, if a iPhone 6S customer had bought a battery before from Apple to fix this problem, check if the device belongs to faulty batch. If it comes from faulty batch, you can get a refund for the battery.

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Update: To check if your device is faulty and eligible for free replacement just got easier. Apple released this link to check battery fault in iPhone 6. Enter the iPhone serial number and submit for getting the results.
iPhone 6S battery website link

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