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Anup Raman

select laptop

A Laptop is the ultimate choice when it comes to portability and power for computational purposes. Modern Laptops have so many options available when it comes to portability, computational power, brands, and budgets. With that many options, it is confusing to make the right choice. This article will cover the different features that are available [...]

iPhone XS Max Review

iPhone 10 S Max Review

Apple released the biggest smartphone ever made in iPhone series -iPhone XS Max (pronounced as iPhone Ten S Max). The iPhone X series is released to mark the 10th year anniversary of iPhone. iPhone XS Max was released in September 2018 along with iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Is iPhone XS Max, the best iPhone [...]

ultimate guide to Windows 10 safe mode

Safe mode is a Diagnostic mode to load the operating system with minimum settings to diagnose and solve problems in the operating system. Safe Mode is used in cases where it is not possible to open Windows 10 in the normal mode such as Blue Screen of Death, restart loop etc. In Safe Mode, only [...]

windows 10 make load faster using registry

Windows Operating System can get really slow after a certain period of time. Installing new software’s, presence of security software’s which are constantly updated, frequent updates for Windows and the presence of malwares can slow down Windows. How to force Windows 10 load faster using Registry Disclaimer: Registry is a vital component of the Windows Operating System. [...]

review motorola moto g6 series

Motorola SIM to continue banking on the success of the successful G6 series. The latest in the series G6 has a large display fast processing without much lag a decent camera good sound quality and most importantly very affordable price tag. Because of the competitive pricing, this phone is among the top spots for good [...]

windows 10 no sound after installing version 1308

Just finished troubleshooting the problem with no sound after installing Windows 10 Version 1803 Systems Update (KB4458469). KB4458469 seems to be the responsible file as the problem started after installing it with other cumulative updates. A quick restart after installing the update came up with a red cross which indicates the speaker is not working. [...]

Sony A8F Smart OLED TV review

Sony just released 2nd generation 4K OLED television Sony A8F. The television is almost the same as its predecessor Sony A1 series. The main difference is its design. The new flat screen Television design is an amazing work of art which oozes class, carries a soft minimalistic approach, very stylish and epic sound quality. Sony A8F Screen [...]

browser extensions and add-ons for safer browsing

World Wide Web can be a very dangerous space which is full of viruses adware ransomware and suspicious scripts hidden inside web pages. These malware’s are capable of invading your privacy, checking your browser habits and steal your login information. The default Windows security software and other third-party security tools are capable of defending your [...]

windows 10 reset WiFi settings

Windows 10 got a lot of features to simplify tasks to make the OS work better. One common problem you may face is Windows 10 network settings. Some WiFi needs specialized settings to be configured to get internet access. This might upset the configuration of other Wi-Fi that is used regularly. Apart from the basic [...]

microchip implants in human

Microchip Implants or radio frequency identification (RFID) is an integrated circuit which is inserted under the skin. The most common place to insert is your hands. The chip carries around one kilobyte of data. It is just about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip carries your identification details. You just have to [...]