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Avoid being added to WhatsApp groups without your consent

avoid whatsapp group consent

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One of the most frustrating things about WhatsApp since time immemorial is when someone adds you to a group without your consent. Ten years later, a new privacy option is now being activated to avoid just this.

The new option is now activated for WhatsApp users and allows you to choose who can add you to a group: anyone – the standard behavior so far – your contacts or anyone else.

If you want to check if you already have it activated, you must open the WhatsApp settings, section Account and within it, Privacy. Here you should see a new element: Groups, where this behavior is configured.

The setting is similar to other similarities within the privacy of WhatsApp, as who can see your profile picture, your status or the last time you were connected. These are the options available to choose from:

  • All: The same behavior as until now. Anyone can add you to a group, whether you have it in your contacts or if it is a complete stranger who has added you by phone number.
  • My contacts: Only those people that you have in your contact list can add you to a group.
  • No: Absolutely nobody can add you to a group without your permission. If you want to join a group, you must do it yourself, for example,

What happens when someone tries to add someone in WhatsApp Group

When someone tries to add someone to a group, a warning window is displayed stating that “You cannot add <user>. You can privately invite him to join the group”.

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This private invitation is sent to the chat in question. By touching the link, a preview of the group opens with a view of members who are already in the group. In this way, those who do not allow anyone to add them to a group can join by themselves if he is interested in that group.

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