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Batman Arkham City – Best Super Hero Action Game Ever (A Buyers Review)

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Batman Arkham City is the latest sequel to the hugely successful Batman Arkham City which was released in 2009. This version is brilliant and better than the previous version, Arkham Asylum. Even though this game is not the best released this year, the game makes you feel really good as you feel like being Batman yourself. Batman series not only set the standards for superhero games, but it has set the bar for an action game should be like. Set in the aftermath of the previous version, the latest version throws Batman into a more hostile environment and more challenges. In a move cribbed from Escape from New York, a section of Gotham city is walled off by the escapees from Arkham Asylum after being dumped inside to fend for themselves. The end of the game is surprising, one you probably won’t see coming.

Batman Arkham City is a great game, rendered flawlessly if you have a video card that supports DirectX 11. The Free flaw combat system which was introduced in the original games makes a comeback here. Freeflow is a combat system that perfectly suits the Batman game theme. It’s aggressive, pragmatic and focuses on taking out multiple opponents as quickly as possible through a mix of attacks with timed counters and gadgets carefully woven into combos. The core system remains unchanged, but combat has undergone a small but significant facelift allowing more combatants on screen at one time. Fighting with 3-4 opponents is fun, but a mass battle against more numbers is frantic and amazing. Combat is made well balanced to make the player feel like a genuine superhero, but on a very human scale which is good.

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Watch Batman Arkham City Game Trailor

Swinging and gliding around the city as Batman is exhilarating. The aerial views of Arkham city as you see as Batman is breathtaking. The challenges of completing some of Riddler’s puzzles are irresistible.

As expected, Batman Arkham City equips batman with a wide range of gadgets compared to the previous version. As usual, he got his Batarang, grapple and explosive gel. Batman now has a cryptographic sequencer, smoke pellet, nifty Freeze blast which enable him to freeze enemies and water, a remote electrical charge to power electrical devices. He’s got a new improved rope line which allows him to change directions while swinging. Batman is not only a fighter but also a master detective, but master of using stealth and fear to defeat his enemies. Spotting locations of enemies in detective mode and silently creeping behind them by stealth for taking them one by one, thus installing fear on the group is mind-blowing. As told before, this game makes you feel like a superhero still keeping it humanely natural. To learn the tactics for playing Batman, Batman Signature Series Guide, click here

You will also be able to play the game as Catwoman. She’s got her own storyline in Batman Arkham City which is closely interwoven with the storyline of Batman. Her own navigational skills, combat moves and gadgetry promise to keep you engaged and won’t disappoint you.

If you are a PC gamer, you may want to rethink about using mouse and keyboard in order to play the game effectively. Use of mouse and keyboard is supported, but the game is designed and balanced around playing with dual thumbsticks, face buttons, and triggers. Using PC control is well and good, but it’s much effective and easy to handle using a gamepad.

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Batman Arkham city features one of the best games with a great story behind it. Without a doubt the best Batman story ever released. There are lots of games now available with superhero story themed. But not all superhero themed stories are great and this one is far ahead from all the other superhero games ever made. Batman Arkham city is brilliant and definitely one of the best action game of this year. A must have for all gaming enthusiasts. What are you waiting for, get Batman Arkham City and enjoy being a superhero.