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Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office is without doubt the best office suite available in the market. With a simple and well detailed interface and capability to do advanced and complex jobs done, MS Office surely is the market leader among Office Suite. However it comes with a big price tag. Even though, it’s worth the price, a lot of users might find it too costly. For some, they just need an Office suite to do simple spreadsheets and word formatting. Here are some of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office.


alternative to msoffice LibreOffice

This is a free open source suite and considered one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice got almost all options that anybody who use MS Office needs. It comes with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, drawing, database and math sheet. LibreOffice can be accessed from the link.

Google Docs

alternative to msoffice - google docs

Google developed a set of productivity tools similar to MS Office which can be worked online. Google Docs can only be accessed using Google Drive, the cloud service from Google.  With 5GB of cloud space available for free, anyone with a  google account can access it. There are apps for word processor, presentation, spreadsheet and drawings. The interface is not great as LibreOffice, but this is the best alternative if you are looking towards making files by collaborating with others. Access Google Docs from the link.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

alternative to msoffice - Microsoft Office Web Apps

Similar to Google Docs, Microsoft also provides free Office alternative which can be accessed online. You need to connect to Microsoft Skydrive. You will be provided with web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Unfortunately, not all apps can be used to create file but only to edit file. You can access Microsoft Office Web Apps from the link.

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 Zoho Office

alternative to msoffice - Zoho office

This is again a web based office suite which comes with word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, online organizer, calendar and plenty more.  There are some free apps and some advanced apps which you need to pay for to get your job done. You should be able to get simple things done using the free ones, but may have to go for advanced apps to get complicated stuffs done. Zoho Office can be accessed from the link here.

 Apache OpenOffice

alternative to msoffice - Apache OpenOffice

This is another free open source office suite like LibreOffice. It is similar and developed based on LibreOffice and it has the same options. But comparatively, LibreOffice does a good job than Apache. You can get more details from the link.

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