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BlueStacks App Player – Run Android on Windows or Mac

BlueStacks App Player Install Android on PC

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With the increased usage of mobile devices, Android is now one of the most used operating system in the world. Most users are now increasingly becoming dependent on mobile apps either for gathering information, work purpose or for entertainment. This may lead to some of us wondering if there is any way these Apps can be ran on a regular PC or laptop without changing the original settings inside PC.

Yes, it is possible to run Android on a PC or Mac. Here are some options if you want Android running.

  • You can dual boot your current operating system with Android. But, dual boot is complicated and it may render your PC unstable.
  • Try installing Android on Virtual drive like VirtualBox. This is ideal for those who are involved in research and development for Android OS.
  • If the only intention is to run Android Apps on your PC, then BlueStacks App Player is what you should go for.

Why you should use BlueStacks App Player?

  • You can use Android on a Mac or Windows computer. You don’t have to log off from current operating system to use Android.
  • You can experiment with Android Apps before installing it on your original device.

Why you should not use BlueStacks App Player?

  • Consume plenty of system resources.
  • Apps may not respond quickly, the way it performs on an Android device.
  • Even with high speed Internet connection, you may not get the same speed from the Apps installed on BlueStacks.

Step by step procedure to install and run BlueStacks App Player

    • Download and install BlueStacks App Player. The software comes in Windows and Mac versions.

    • Start the installation. The installation file is just 10MB, rest of the files are downloaded from internet. The installation might take 10 -20 minutes based on your computer speed and speed of internet connection.
      BlueStacks loading Android process
    • To download Apps, you need to go to Google store and login using your Google Account
      BlueStacks App Player google playstore
      Installing Apps using BlueStacks App Player
  • Install Apps. The Apps might request permission which simulate the exact message you might get if the App is installed on a tablet or smartphone.
    BlueStacks-App-Player Apps need permission screen
    BlueStacks App Player desktop with Apps installed
  • BlueStacks App Player settings
    BlueStacks App Player settings

Once the installation is complete, you may start using the Apps as in Android. Files or Pictures downloaded using the Apps on BlueStacks App Player cannot be retrieved directly. Windows and Android cannot communicate with each other. You need to install additional Apps to make Android and Windows communicate.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Share your thoughts on the comment section.

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