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Intel Project Athena

Intel is teaming up with other hardware manufacturers under “Project Athena” to create Ultrabook’s and Laptops that will take it to the next level. Here are some details that you should know to understand Project Athena. Project Athena is a set of standards put forward by Intel to ensure manufacturers meet these standards to market [...]

computer turns off without authorization

Are you facing a problem with computer constantly shutting down without warning and unable to find the reason? Go through the list of possible reasons. You might be able to find the reason and probably fix the problem by yourself. PC overheating The most common reason for the disconnection of a computer device. A specific [...]

troubleshoot monitor flicker problems

The other day, I noticed a salesgirl in billing struggling with a monitor.  The poor girl was staring so hard to read the displayed information and complete the transaction. One look at monitor and I could see the monitor was flickering wildly. After a little playing around, the problem was finally fixed by connecting the [...]

which is high speed Ethernet or WiFi

Ethernet or WiFi? A common question when you have the luxury to connect internet wirelessly or using a wired connection. WiFi is now the common mode of internet connection in most homes and offices. WiFi is free from cables. You can connect almost any device to the wireless internet. Another advantage is you can roam around [...]

troubleshoot print spooler problems

Whether it is Home or Office, Printer has increasingly become a necessary accessory in everyday life. Printers are essential to take print documents, create projects, take picture printouts etc. Most printer issues are simple connectivity or software issues, but it can get complicated at times. One of the problems in Printer is when multiple documents [...]


If you want to know the power of a mobile phone, then check its processor. A powerful processor is able to process information more quickly which improve the overall performance of the mobile phone. Mobile phone manufacturers now have enough option to choose which processor needs to go inside a specific phone model. Some of [...]

HDD,SSD or SSHD storage

Which is the right hard drive storage for my computer? A very common question to anyone who is planning to buy a new computer or upgrade an existing one. There are multiple answers to the question. If you ask me, I prefer SSD over other storage types for its performance. But this may not be [...]

Asus ProArt Monitor buyers guide

Asus unveiled the latest ProArt series of monitors in the recent CES 2017. As the name suggests, the monitor is meant for professional use and off course for the hardcore gamers. The 32-inch diagonal monitor is the world’s first professional direct-lit LED capable of displaying 4K images with UHD and HDR support. With support for [...]

Intel Process Architecture Optimisation

Kaby Lake processors are now commercially available in the market. Kaby Lake processor microarchitecture is the first to use Intel latest development. This article will help you understand the old Tick-Tock and latest Process Architecture Optimisation development cycle followed by Intel. Intel Tick-Tock manufacturing process The Tick-Tock process is referred to as a year by [...]