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Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature by Apple

Apple once again is struggling with a software bug. It concerns the walkie-talkie function of the Apple Watch, which was therefore deactivated for the time being. The app will still be able to be found on the watch, but will not be able to connect to contacts. An error message or an indication does not [...]

Apple MacBook no more in production

Apple has officially scrapped its handy 12-inch portable MacBook and that has made me very sad. It was not the laptop for everyone, but perfect for my wishes and similar people: writers who need a small laptop for quick access to office applications to write an article quickly, no matter where they are. I was [...]

how to connect AirPods to Android Smartphones

AirPods wireless headphones are believed to work exclusively with iOS devices. But this is only partly true. In fact, they can be used with any device, but you cannot fully manage them, because there is no Apple-branded Siri. Here is how to connect AirPods to a smartphone on Android. Disadvantages of AirPods on Android If [...]

First Generation AirPods vs Second Generation AirPods

Apple released the second generation of AirPods wireless headphones and will be called AirPods 2. The AirPods didn’t reach the level to which a lot of fans expected. The new version does carry more option and performance quality than the first-generation AirPods. For those who already own AirPods, some experts believe it is better to [...]

Apple updated AirPod firmware

Apple recently updated the firmware of AirPods to version 3.5.1 from 3.3.1 without any prior notice. It is not known as to what exactly is included in the latest update. It can be assumed that the updates were released to fix some of the problems reported by several users mainly issues with Bluetooth connection. Another problem is the quick [...]

Apple 27 inch iMac review

Apple hardware isn’t cheap. We’ll admit this isn’t 100 percent breaking news, but let’s put our appraisal of this new iMac in context. Apple doesn’t make low-end machines, but when you balance the build quality, reliability and mix of design and specs, they’re not insanely overpriced. You may not want the kind of computers that [...]