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heic to jpeg on PC

Apple made the HEIC image the default image format in new iPhone models. What is HEIC? HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format)  is a format whose size can be reduced without losing image quality. The file extension comes as .heic and .heif. Apple developed this format with one goal in mind – so that users [...]

Siri supported Apps in IOS 10

One of the great features in iOS 10 is the ability of Siri to work with some Apps. Remember, this is not for all Apps, but only the Apps that support Siri. As an example, you can ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message to a certain person or group. To start using this feature, [...]

Increase battery life in iOS device

Compared to the battery technology in older times, the newer ones are more robust and durable. A little awareness on how the battery is used in your device, it can help you improve battery life. Here is a list on this topic. How to Increase battery life in iOS device Keep the battery working The [...]

connect hidden wifi using iPad

This article is not about hacking into a hidden WiFi network, but accessing a WiFi network which is hidden and the user is authenticated to use the network. Every WiFi network comes with a network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier). A network name is essential for every WiFi to identify itself from a collection [...]

turn on iPhone automatically when taken in hand

The new version of iOS 10 comes with lot of new feature. One of the newly added feature is the ability to allow iPhone screen to wake up when you take the phone in hand. The feature is limited to certain models such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone [...]

iPhone disable video autoplay

When you play YouTube normally, it automatically adds related videos to the list placed near the window. This is to tempt and encourage YouTube viewers to watch more videos and spend more time on their website thereby increasing the popularity and advertisement income. Later, YouTube started automatically playing the related videos one by one, once [...]

save data on Facebook and Twitter for iPhone and iPad users

Are you losing data unknowingly on your iPhone? Now if you are a power user of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, chances are you are losing data from these networks. Facebook and Twitter is different from what it used be before. There are plenty of videos and gifs that are shared online [...]

iPhone 6S battery faulty battery

It’s just days since Apple launched its own repair program for the so-called Touch Disease which affected a lot of iPhone users all over the world. Now Apple is offering a free replacement of iPhone battery for a limited number of iPhone’s that were released as part of a unit. A small number of iPhone [...]

take screenshot using iPad

Screenshots are used to capture an image instance of the entire screen. The screenshots are saved in picture format. Screenshots are usually taken to capture the output on a screen and then use it to share with others for troubleshooting purpose or use as a reference for later use. Take screenshot using iPhone or iPad [...]

iPhone 7 Battery Saving Tips

Are you worried about not able to make the iPhone 7 battery last longer? Here are a few tips that will tell you get more battery performance with your iPhone 7. Turn off Bluetooth and WLAN when it is not needed The Bluetooth and WLAN are notorious for using lot of battery power. It is [...]