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iPhone 7

iPhone 7 no more supports the old 3.5mm headphone jack. This was done to reduce the number of ports on the bottom of the casing and make the device more compact. It is now replaced by a single lightning port for your headphone which is also used for charging your phone. The problem with this [...]

Research have proved that blue light emitted from display screens is bad for health. The blue light disrupts or prevent body’s sleep mechanism. Operating systems and manufacturers are now coming up with options to prevent blue light emission. There are software’s and Apps available in market that  can prevent blue light emission. iPhone have a feature build [...]

iPhone hidden features

There are lot of hidden features and shortcuts on iPhone that not much are aware of. Here are 7 hidden features on your iPhone which you might find useful and time saving. Open camera The usual method to open Camera App from lock screen is to swipe camera icon on the lower right corner. With [...]

iPhone user switching to Android

Apple fans are very loyal fans and they hardly shift to phones in favor of Android. Even If they want to switch to Android, they have some concerns regarding switching to Android. Here are some of the common concerns for iPhone users before switching to Android. Contacts and bookmarks The first concern naturally is how [...]

update to iOS 8 on older Apple devices

Apple claims the new update from Apple, iOS 8 is a very important. According to company, there are 100’s of new features and new improvements which older devices can benefit significantly. However, there are lot of reports of poor performance after installing the update. For e.g., iPhone 4S users have reported slower performance after installing [...]

Prevent iPhone auto sync with Mac

Whenever an iPhone is connected to a PC or Mac, it immediately starts the process of auto-syncing settings. I am not a big fan of auto syncing as I like to keep control over the data that is been transferred. I prefer to move data manually than the machine doing it for me. So here [...]

iPhone 6 Restrictions and Parental Control

One of the first thing to do after buying an iPhone 6 is to secure it. Especially when you have kids at home, you need to set restrictions to make sure they don’t cross the limits. Let’s admit it. Kids today are more tech savvy. They are well informed and curious which might take them [...]

DNS Server problem on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

DNS Server problem is one of the most common reasons for internet connection problems. Usually most problems gets fixed easily just by turning off and on the modem and router which automatically acquire a DNS server address from your ISP. But that may not be successful every time. There is another advantage in changing DNS server [...]

ipad iphone handle fresh water or salt water liquid damage

Imagine…your iPhone or iPad just ended up in shower or swimming pool. Immediate reaction from most of us it to go hysterical, get the device in your hand and check if it is working fine. The truth is your action at that time will determine if the device can ever be salvaged or not. In [...]

Setup iCloud Drive after OS X Yosemite update

Apple introduced iCloud Drive with OS X Yosemite update. It is basically the virtual disk drive with a new name and a whole set of new features. iCloud Drive is a file and document management solution across IOS and OS X platforms. You can store upto 15GB of files, including any file types. It also [...]