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Mac OS Sierra

enable speech to text dictation on Mac

How cool is it to just talk to your Mac and it will convert everything to text? As a blogger, this is one option that is useful in my profession. I am sure, lot of others will find this useful for variety of reasons. Apple’s Dictation & Speech is disabled by default. You need to [...]

MacOS take screenshots

Screenshots are great to share information with others in the form of pictures. All you have to do is be on the screen of which you want to take the screenshot. Then follow the methods below to take screenshot. Fortunately, the process to do it is also easy. Command + Shift + 3 To take [...]

how to access Apple formatted thumb drive mac drive from PC

External hard disks and thumb drives were always popular and will remain so as the easiest and cheapest way to share and carry data. These devices can be accessed by any device. But wait, there is an exception. Sometimes information written on Mac formatted hard disk cannot be accessed by PC. Mac can access details [...]

avoid Automatic Updates Mac

Apple release updates regularly to keep software and hardware work optimally on their machines. These updates include latest updates for the MacOS, fix bugs, optimizations for hardware etc. These updates are very important and are released on a regular basis. By default, the Mac is configured to install these updates automatically. But at times, Mac [...]

Free up Disk Space on Mac OS Sierra

Over a period of time, your Mac will start building up files which will reduce the amount of available free space. These files not only reduce the storage capacity, but also interfere with the performance. Here are some tips to free up disk space in Sierra Mac OS. Clean Cache Files The Mac OS and [...]

Top Troubleshooting Utilities for Mac OS

Just like any Operating System and computer hardware, Mac machines are also susceptible to problems. Find out the top troubleshooting utilities for Mac OS. OnyX OnyX is a free app and excellent one in doing the job.  It’s a multifunctional utility which allow verifying the startup files and also check the integrity of system files. [...]

free drive space macOS

Most of the time freeing up Hard Disk space is least of your worries. The advancements in technology have given us bigger and bigger hard disk while prices also came down over a period of time. At the same time, the popularity of digital media had lead to the increased practice of storing photos, audio, [...]