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Logitech x300 speaker

If you are looking for a decent speaker that is easy to carry around and reasonably priced, it is worth looking at the latest Logitech X300 speakers. The speaker is ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry it around and not looking for a very loudspeaker. Logitech x300 Technical Specification USB charger Bluetooth: A2DP, [...]

How to clean TV the right way

Many people clean their modern TV screen as simply as in cleaning a window or mirror. A small mistake can damage the device over time and put a financial burden on the user as they may have to pay for repairs or even buy a new TV. The correct way is actually very simple and [...]

set up App Lock in Redmi

Chinese Xiaomi phones allow you to lock any application with password and fingerprint. The native MIUI interface function is useful to prevent intruders from gaining access to important information and using your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. When enabled, the feature prompts the user to enter the password or touch the fingerprint reader [...]

All you need to know about HDR

Almost every modern smartphone is now offering images captured in HDR mode. This has lead to capturing much better photos with a smartphone camera, but it is not appropriate for every situation. What is HDR, how does it work, when is it advisable to use it, and when can it do more bad than good? [...]

Netgear Orbi Voice Buyers Guide

The great success of Amazon Echo speakers has made voice technology more and more common in today’s connected home. This new technology finds its application in other types of products: multi-room speakers and smart screens from many other manufacturers who currently use Alexa or the competing Google Assistant. And now Netgear has begun work with [...]

Delete all Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker, you’ll find out how convenient its built-in Alexa voice assistant can be. Alexa allows us to do things that were previously classified as science fiction, such as turning off our smart light sources, activating security cameras and ordering a taxi – all in one voice. This convenience comes [...]

ASUS VivoBook S15 Buyers Guide

ASUS VivoBook laptops are a line of mid-level devices that will be universal assistants for both entertainment and work, while they look bright and modern. Today we will get acquainted with the updated model from this series – VivoBook S15. ASUS VivoBook S15 Design ASUS VivoBook S15 S531FA looks strictly and restrained, at least in [...]

Alienware M15 buyers guide

The most cherished dream of any gamer is to have a powerful gaming laptop with high performance and a compact stylish case. But there is always a fear of possible overheating of the system and insufficient power. We tested the Alienware M15 gaming laptop and found out if it’s as good as the manufacturer claims. [...]

Review ASUS ROG Strix Helios Gaming PC Case

ASUS finally decided to look at the case. More precisely, on game cases for the end user. So desktops and various versions of the tower with the ASUS logo periodically appear here and there, at exhibitions or in the corporate sector. Retail models were very simple, and those were rare. A strange thing – for [...]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ review

Qualcomm has announced an improved version of its most productive mobile processor – Snapdragon 855+. The plus version of this chip is designed to further accelerate on Android devices the computations associated with games, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The 8-core Kryo 485 processor is now at 2.96 GHz (vs. 2.84 GHz for the “normal” [...]