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Apple iPadOS

Apple has always positioned the iPad as a replacement for the computer. Now Apple is coming with a new operating system for the mobile devices. The new OS is designed to give an ordinary mobile device more features to work as a full-fledged PC. The new OS is called iPadOS. What is iPadOS iPadOS is [...]

iOS 13 dark mode

Dark interface reduces the load on your eyes in low light and also helps to save charging on devices with OLED displays like the iPhone X and iPhone XS. In iOS 13, Apple has finally added a full-fledged system Dark Mode. It automatically darkens the background of the interface, various menus, color palette, etc. Due [...]

Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature by Apple

Apple once again is struggling with a software bug. It concerns the walkie-talkie function of the Apple Watch, which was therefore deactivated for the time being. The app will still be able to be found on the watch, but will not be able to connect to contacts. An error message or an indication does not [...]

iOS 13 security features for iPhone

The next version of the operating system, which will launch its official debut in mid-September, will stand out by being exclusively reserved for Apple’s iPhones and their latest iPod Touch. iOS 13 is already in its fourth beta release, and it provides insight into the many security measures Apple is now taking into their mobile [...]

spam block in iOS 13

Nobody wants to be harassed by advertising or fraud calls. It would be helpful if such calls were automatically filtered out. iOS 13 will soon offer exactly this solution. Apple’s iPhone operating system announced this fall for iOS 13 sends unwanted calls directly to the mailbox. According to Apple, for all iPhone models from the [...]

iOS 10 Spotlight features

The spotlight is a desktop search feature which was initially used in macOS, which is now part of the iOS device. Spotlight in iOS comes with a lot of features which is not known to everyone. To start Spotlight, touch your finger anywhere on the home screen and drag down to reveal Spotlight search field. [...]

Siri supported Apps in IOS 10

One of the great features in iOS 10 is the ability of Siri to work with some Apps. Remember, this is not for all Apps, but only the Apps that support Siri. As an example, you can ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message to a certain person or group. To start using this feature, [...]

Recover iCloud Keychain PIN code

It is possible that you may get locked out in iCloud if you forget and enter the wrong code number of times. The password is 4-digit PIN like the ones that is used in ATM. On your iPhone, the error message looks like below Security Code Incorrectly Entered Too Many Times. Approve this iPhone from [...]

iOS 10 find apps consuming too much battery

The status bar in iOS have a battery icon where you can see the battery status and how much power is left. Knowing the percentage help a user to make a rough calculation on how much time is left before the device gets turn off automatically. There is another feature that could supplement this battery [...]

enable speech to text dictation on Mac

How cool is it to just talk to your Mac and it will convert everything to text? As a blogger, this is one option that is useful in my profession. I am sure, lot of others will find this useful for variety of reasons. Apple’s Dictation & Speech is disabled by default. You need to [...]