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update to iOS 8 on older Apple devices

Apple claims the new update from Apple, iOS 8 is a very important. According to company, there are 100’s of new features and new improvements which older devices can benefit significantly. However, there are lot of reports of poor performance after installing the update. For e.g., iPhone 4S users have reported slower performance after installing [...]

Free up Disk Space on Mac OS Sierra

Over a period of time, your Mac will start building up files which will reduce the amount of available free space. These files not only reduce the storage capacity, but also interfere with the performance. Here are some tips to free up disk space in Sierra Mac OS. Clean Cache Files The Mac OS and [...]

iPhone 6 Restrictions and Parental Control

One of the first thing to do after buying an iPhone 6 is to secure it. Especially when you have kids at home, you need to set restrictions to make sure they don’t cross the limits. Let’s admit it. Kids today are more tech savvy. They are well informed and curious which might take them [...]

Setup iCloud Drive after OS X Yosemite update

Apple introduced iCloud Drive with OS X Yosemite update. It is basically the virtual disk drive with a new name and a whole set of new features. iCloud Drive is a file and document management solution across IOS and OS X platforms. You can store upto 15GB of files, including any file types. It also [...]

Speed up device after OS X Yosemite upgrade

Your Mac, iPad or iPhone can get slow after doing an OS X Yosemite upgrade. This is a common occurrence as there can be multiple reasons as to why the device is slow. Here are some steps that you may try on device to speed up performance. This can be tried on older device as [...]

Yosemite Ready Mac

Apple released their latest version of Mac Operating system OS X Yosemite. The operating system is offered free to all Mac users. It’s tempting to install the latest operating system with all the latest upgraded features. It is easy to install as well. Just go to App store, download and install it. However, not all [...]

Top Troubleshooting Utilities for Mac OS

Just like any Operating System and computer hardware, Mac machines are also susceptible to problems. Find out the top troubleshooting utilities for Mac OS. OnyX OnyX is a free app and excellent one in doing the job.  It’s a multifunctional utility which allow verifying the startup files and also check the integrity of system files. [...]

free drive space macOS

Most of the time freeing up Hard Disk space is least of your worries. The advancements in technology have given us bigger and bigger hard disk while prices also came down over a period of time. At the same time, the popularity of digital media had lead to the increased practice of storing photos, audio, [...]