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Customize Ubuntu Desktop

The picture below is how my Ubuntu desktop looked like soon after installation. The screen resolution is also low preventing display of options available in the end or corners. Ubuntu desktop is very much customizable. Here is how to customize Ubuntu desktop Click on System Settings listed in the dock. Screen Resolution Click Displays under [...]

make USB bootable Ubuntu

Some of the latest laptop and netbooks manufacturers don’t use a CD/DVD drive in their models in order to achieve a thinner compact device. In such cases, you will have to depend on USB to install Ubuntu. If you are trying to install Ubuntu on an older system, you need to check if the system [...]

Here is a step by step guide to Ubuntu Installation. Put the Ubuntu installation media (either from CD/DVD/USB) and boot from the media. Welcome ScreenYou are given the option to Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu. Install Ubuntu – Use this option to install Ubuntu on your hard disk. In this tutorial, we will proceed with [...]