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Windows 7

PC shut off using timer

We all come across situations where we want the PC to shutdown automatically at a certain time. Unfortunately, there are no default applications which can do the job. There are some third party programs which can help you with scheduling this function. But without the help of third party programs, you can easily schedule a [...]

Registry is one important and delicate area in an operating system. There are thousands of keys and sub-keys. So if you are not sure about the location of a particular key, it might take some time to find out which you have to live with. Just like bookmarking websites, you can also bookmark a registry [...]

Windows taskbar color

Default task bar color is blue, the blue commonly associated with Windows. But it is possible to change the color of taskbar. Press Windows Key + R for Run window Type control panel Go to Appearance and Personalization, then Personalization Select Windows color Choose from one of the listed colors Save changes This should change [...]

Windows 7 Fix AutoRun feature disabled

Autorun feature allow a CD/DVD to run automatically , then allow a pop up window to let the user decide to run it or not. It is the same with USB devices. Whenever a USB drive is connected, a pop opens automatically, then allow user to decide whether he wants to open the folders, run a file [...]

change low batter warning percentage in Windows

If you use a windows laptop or notebook, you might have noticed the notification pop up whenever the battery charge reaches a critical level. The notifications are usually displayed in 2 series. By default, the first one appears as a pop up when the remaining battery charge is at 10%. At this point, it shows [...]

troubleshoot Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 and 8

With release of every new version of Windows, the operating system is getting more stable with less errors and less compatibility problems. But still the error happens. One of the most notorious errors that Windows is notorious is the blue screen error commonly called BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. As the name suggests, it [...]

troubleshoot remove desktop.ini file

A very common question on this topic is if desktop.ini is a virus or not? First of all, the desktop.ini file is created automatically inside every folder. This is a hidden file. So if you choose not to show hidden files in your system settings, it won’t show up. ( Another file similar to desktop.ini [...]

install uninstall programs in windows safe mode

Installing programs in Safe mode reduce the chances of software conflict since all third party software’s are disabled in Safe Mode. Uninstalling a program in Safe Mode is recommended especially in complicated cases where a software refuses to uninstall normally. But the problem is installing or uninstalling a program is disabled in Safe Mode by [...]

Restart Explorer without Task Manager

We all come across situations when we are forced to restart computer. Sometimes, the software or hardware problems in computer might cause it to completely freeze and there is nothing much we can do, other than restarting computer to start all over again. Then, there is the possibility of software installation, registry edit or a [...]

fix unable to print webpage

Are you facing problems with unable to print from a website? The print content may be anything from printing the contents of webpage or documents and pdf displayed inside the webpage. Let me show the step by step procedure to fix printing issues from a website. Step by step procedure to fix unable to print [...]