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Windows 10

Free hard disk space in Windows 10

Every time when Windows install a major update, it automatically installs a rollback option that let users reverse back to a state before installing the update where the computer was working fine. This is a clever fail-safe option from Microsoft. Windows updates have a long-standing history of screwing up settings inside computers which was working [...]

Setup Dynamic Screen Lock in Windows 10

It is very easy to lock Windows. Just use the keyword combination Win + L to lock the Windows. To unlock, hit the Enter key or Ctrl + Alt + Del combination to get the login screen. Then enter the password and continue working. The method is very straight forward, but not perfect. Problems with [...]

Windows 10 standby mode

Windows 10 has various types of sleep mode, one of which is Modern Standby (modern standby). It is not available for all laptops and desktops that can work on the system. It is limited to certain equipment. There is not even a list on the official Microsoft website, on what type of equipment it is [...]

Windows PowerShell and how to start it

Windows PowerShell is an integrated tool for automating user scripts for the Microsoft Windows operating system, built on the basis of the command-line interface. It is intended primarily for system administrators, as well as for all advanced users. The history of the emergence of PowerShell in the family of Windows operating systems is as follows. [...]

heic to jpeg on PC

Apple made the HEIC image the default image format in new iPhone models. What is HEIC? HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format)  is a format whose size can be reduced without losing image quality. The file extension comes as .heic and .heif. Apple developed this format with one goal in mind – so that users [...]

automatic maintenance in Windows 10

Every computer needs maintenance. Most users don’t do regular maintenance on their computers. Even if they do, they may not do all the different steps that are involved in the maintenance. Windows 10 now has a maintenance feature which automatically does all the maintenance done without impacting performance or energy efficiency. Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance [...]

Remove Trash icon from Desktop in Windows 10

All files that you delete on Windows 10 end up in the trash. The Recycle Bin is located on the desktop after installation. This makes it easy to get around if you want to recover some data. If you no longer need this trash icon, you can remove it with a small change. Follow the [...]

windows 10 update prevent repair using sfc scan

Users who have updated their Windows 10 system can no longer repair corrupted system files. The System File Checker (SFC) ‘s scannow function does not work properly, so people with problems cannot solve it. Users who check if their system files are still intact with the sfc / scannow command cannot fix errors found. If [...]

shutdown delay windows 10

Starting a computer is usually a relatively long process. It is understandable since it is necessary to load a large number of processes, libraries, and files so that a system as large as Windows is functional. In contrast, shutting down a computer is usually a much faster process, and sometimes it is almost instantaneous; although [...]

start menu full screen windows 10

Windows 10 was originally designed with the intention of being compatible with Tablets and Smartphones. Naturally, the start screen in tablets and smartphones cover the full screen. It is not always the case when it is displayed on a PC and laptops with a big screen. Click Start -> Settings -> Personalization Click Start option [...]