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Windows 10

enable automatic log in to Windows 10

Are you tired of seeing the login screen whenever you open Windows 10? Are you tired of entering username and password every time you start Windows 10? If yes, the good news is that it is possible to automatically log into windows without entering any username and password or the login screen itself. Once you [...]

install Windows 10 Apps in new drive

Saving hard disk space is rarely a problem especially when it comes to installing Apps. Most windows App don’t consume much space unless it’s a high-end App or game. But for some users, they might come across a situation where they want to free space in the main partition.  This problem is more common in [...]

disable Windows 10 lock screen

Windows 10 lock screen is a great way to display the stylish login screen. You can set beautiful backgrounds, photos, application status, and Cortana on the screen. However, not everyone likes to have the lock screen and get distracted by it. For such users, they can disable the Windows 10 lock screen. There are 2 [...]

remind Windows 10 to change account password

Once a password is set for Windows login, it can be used forever. However, this comes with a lot of security issues. Anyone can log into your PC and access information. Using the same password, again and again, gives enough time for a hacker to experiment with different probabilities and finally hack your password. How [...]

disable advanced options in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is slowly and steadily getting popular in browser market. Edge is known for its minimalistic design and fast performance with improved security features. The browser is getting better and is good enough to compete with the fastest and most popular Google Chrome. Just like in Chrome, Edge also allow Power users to configure [...]

troubleshoot CD-DVD missing in Windows 10

This is not an uncommon problem in Windows Operating system. I have seen these cases happening in XP, Vista, Win 7 and recently came across one in Windows 10. The fix can be as simple as just restart the computer to get the CD-DVD icons back. But in some cases, the issue can be a [...]

reset Microsoft Edge browser

Recently, I came across a problem where the Edge browser was broken beyond repair. The problem was so bad that there is no way to open Edge in any ways. Every time when Edge is reopened, it opens with a blue screen stop error. In the given scenario, the final option is to Reset to [...]

convert print file pdf windows 10

This is one of the feature that previous version of Windows operating system cannot do, but Window 10 can do – Create PDF file. Windows 10 comes with in-built feature to create PDF file. Anything that is printable can be converted to PDF. Yes, it was possible to create PDF’s in older versions of Windows, [...]

future windows 10 feature

In a recent Windows 10 event in early November 2016, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming features that will be added to Windows 10 in 2017. These features will be added using another major update named Creator update. The update is rumored to be released by April 2017. Here are the top 10 features that are rumored [...]

Lock Unlock USB ports in Windows 10

USB devices are one of the most essential part of your PC, Laptop or any device that can benefit by connecting external drives. USB is the most popular interface that is used to connect external drives. However, USB is also a major threat for spreading virus. The simplicity to use USB has made it a [...]