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Windows 8

install uninstall programs in windows safe mode

Installing programs in Safe mode reduce the chances of software conflict since all third party software’s are disabled in Safe Mode. Uninstalling a program in Safe Mode is recommended especially in complicated cases where a software refuses to uninstall normally. But the problem is installing or uninstalling a program is disabled in Safe Mode by [...]

Restart Explorer without Task Manager

We all come across situations when we are forced to restart computer. Sometimes, the software or hardware problems in computer might cause it to completely freeze and there is nothing much we can do, other than restarting computer to start all over again. Then, there is the possibility of software installation, registry edit or a [...]

update error windows 8.1

Windows 8 or 8.1 might fail to boot to desktop after installing Windows update. The windows update may not have installed properly leading to a corrupted file resulting in system crash. Here is a step by step instruction to fix reboot loop after installing Windows 8.1 updates. Restart computer in Safe Mode You may not [...]

Windows 8.1 windows update error 0x80240031

Just the other day, tried upgrading to Windows 8.1 on my friends computer and encountered this error message. “Something happened and the Windows 8.1 couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80240031” There can be multiple reasons for this error message. This can be an issue with corrupted file, compatibility issues with software or [...]

increase taskbar thumbnail preview windows 8.1

One of the feature of Windows 8 is ability to see a thumbnail preview of an open applications Just point towards an open application in taskbar. Here is a trick to increase the size of this preview window. Log in as administrator Press Windows Key + R for Run window, type regedit to open registry [...]

windows 8.1 start safe mode

Safe Mode is an essential troubleshooting tool for every windows owners. It is part of the advanced windows troubleshooting mode. Till Windows 8, going to safe mode is simple, just keep tapping F8 and there will be a screen to select any of the advanced windows troubleshooting mode. From Windows 8, the steps are still [...]

fix unable to print webpage

Are you facing problems with unable to print from a website? The print content may be anything from printing the contents of webpage or documents and pdf displayed inside the webpage. Let me show the step by step procedure to fix printing issues from a website. Step by step procedure to fix unable to print [...]

how to access wireless router

Every home and office is equipped with a wireless router these days. Most users don’t have to mess around with wireless settings as it is might be already configured by your ISP or the technician who installed the router. But at times, you may end up in situations where you have to make changes to [...]

windows 8.1 update cause avast malfunction

After installing the latest update KB3000850, Avast users reported having problems with Windows 8.1. The latest update includes new features and improvements.  More language packs for 8.1 Defence-in-depth security and Schannel hardening Improved Web Services for Devices (WSD) printer support during network switches Performance and reliability improvements in clustered virtual machine mission-critical environments Additional support [...]

make windows run faster

We all love to work on a computer which runs faster and respond quickly. If you have a decent hardware configuration, your computer should work fine as the latest operating systems are designed to perform faster operations. However, you may notice your computer turns sluggish after a certain period of time. This can be because [...]