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Operating System

Windows PowerShell and how to start it

Windows PowerShell is an integrated tool for automating user scripts for the Microsoft Windows operating system, built on the basis of the command-line interface. It is intended primarily for system administrators, as well as for all advanced users. The history of the emergence of PowerShell in the family of Windows operating systems is as follows. [...]

heic to jpeg on PC

Apple made the HEIC image the default image format in new iPhone models. What is HEIC? HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format)  is a format whose size can be reduced without losing image quality. The file extension comes as .heic and .heif. Apple developed this format with one goal in mind – so that users [...]

find USB device history in any computer

USB devices are very common these days. They come in all shapes and forms. It can just be a small pen drive or a large external hard disk or even a mobile phone that can be connected using a USB data connector. These USB devices can store a large amount of data and can transfer [...]

End of Windows 10 Mobile support

Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile on December 10, 2019. The company has released a separate page on the support portal, which informs about the completion of the maintenance of the mobile operating system. For some individual phones on Windows 10 Mobile, system support may be terminated earlier. All mobile devices updated to [...]

automatic maintenance in Windows 10

Every computer needs maintenance. Most users don’t do regular maintenance on their computers. Even if they do, they may not do all the different steps that are involved in the maintenance. Windows 10 now has a maintenance feature which automatically does all the maintenance done without impacting performance or energy efficiency. Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance [...]

Samsung Galaxy A40 Buyers Guide

The Galaxy A40 might come at a modest price, but the design is completely up-to-date, including minimal bezels and a rear notch. In our Galaxy A40 review, we find out what’s good on the phone, and what’s not. We immediately fall for the door and summarize the most important conclusions. When we say that you [...]

Remove Trash icon from Desktop in Windows 10

All files that you delete on Windows 10 end up in the trash. The Recycle Bin is located on the desktop after installation. This makes it easy to get around if you want to recover some data. If you no longer need this trash icon, you can remove it with a small change. Follow the [...]

Microsoft Excel for Android convert Table into Excel Sheets

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new feature for the official Excel app on Android. The new feature is for users who would like to use the image of a table and convert the contents of the table into excel usable data. Microsoft Excel App in Android now is capable of doing all the work [...]

All you need to know about internet cookies

Cookies are data that a website caches on your computer when you visit the site. These cookies come from any websites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. It contains information such as Account name, language, page settings, e-mail address, etc. The cookies are meant to facilitate surfing the internet. For e.g, the cookies save username [...]

Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature by Apple

Apple once again is struggling with a software bug. It concerns the walkie-talkie function of the Apple Watch, which was therefore deactivated for the time being. The app will still be able to be found on the watch, but will not be able to connect to contacts. An error message or an indication does not [...]