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Game review World of Warplanes

Wargaming.net studio, the creators of World of Tanks, a popular game with millions of players from all over the world is also the creator of the latest game, World of Warplanes. So the expectation was high on the new game ad they didn’t disappoint. In World of Warplanes, the player takes the role of pilot [...]

preview Wasteland 2 Game

Once upon a time RPGs were isometric affairs, where you and a party of companions would venture out into a world, lock pick every chest you could find and fight enemies in delicately balanced, turn based set pieces. Then Mass Effect came along and it all became about fancy cut scenes and full voice acting [...]

Batman Arkham City is the latest sequel to the hugely successful Batman Arkham City which was released in 2009. This version is brilliant and better than the previous version, Arkham Asylum. Even though this game is not the best released this year, the game makes you feel really good as you feel like being Batman [...]