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Google Chrome Performance improvement by freeing Memory Usage

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. For one, it is the fastest web browser in the world. The browser has a simple user interface and considered very secure. Chrome is fast, but it mostly doesn’t reach customers expectations. One of the frequent complains about chrome is the high memory usage [...]

Microsoft Edge better battery performance

Microsoft rolled out Microsoft Edge browser Edge as a replacement for IE. Though the browser created some interest initially,  it failed to rise up to the expectation. As of Aug 2019, the market share for Edge is only 4.81% and is placed in 5th position. Edge periodically released updates for better performance. Now the company [...]

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature to enhance chat privacy

WhatsApp can sometimes contain sensitive conversations that not everyone needs to see. In the latest version of WhatsApp, it is possible to lock the app with your fingerprint. WhatsApp lock with your fingerprint An important new feature has been added to the latest beta version of WhatsApp. In version 2.19.221, users are offered the option [...]

WhatsApp Desktop version to work without Smartphone

WhatsApp developers are working on updating the desktop version of the messenger, which can be used without having a smartphone nearby. According to the WABetaInfo twitter blog, this will be possible thanks to the “new multi-platform system” on which the application will be built. The same system will allow you to connect one WhatsApp account [...]

heic to jpeg on PC

Apple made the HEIC image the default image format in new iPhone models. What is HEIC? HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format)  is a format whose size can be reduced without losing image quality. The file extension comes as .heic and .heif. Apple developed this format with one goal in mind – so that users [...]

how to open vpn in opera

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an essential arsenal for every internet users who are concerned about their user privacy. In various public places such as cafes, bars, and hotels – there are public Wi-Fi points that can be exploited by attackers. They are able to intercept and decrypt foreign traffic and extract passwords and other [...]

All you need to know about Opera GX Browser

The Norwegian company Opera Software has announced a new browser Opera GX designed for gamers. The company is marketing this product as the world’s first gaming browser. Opera GX Browser is a special version of the Opera browser. The browser allows players to control CPU and memory consumption to ensure smooth gameplay and streaming of [...]

share live location using WhatsApp

One of the most useful tools in WhatsApp is the ability to share your real-time location with your contacts so you can easily meet and find each other. However, the opportunity to share your location is a bit hidden, so if you are new to WhatsApp or do not know about the cool feature, you [...]

ccleaner browser launched

The CCleaner manufacturer Piriform is launching a new browser. A first preview version is now available for CCleaner browser download. Users should be able to control the tool better, where and how they leave their digital footprint. The CCleaner browser is essentially comparable to other browsers, just faster and more secure, according to a blog [...]

Microsoft Excel for Android convert Table into Excel Sheets

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new feature for the official Excel app on Android. The new feature is for users who would like to use the image of a table and convert the contents of the table into excel usable data. Microsoft Excel App in Android now is capable of doing all the work [...]