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edge browser with internet explorer mode

Soon there will be no more Internet Explorer. Windows will now have an IE mode inside Edge browser. For users and companies that need the legacy software IE, they still can use it as an IE mode inside the Edge browser. “The new Internet Explorer modes accurately render IE-only content within Microsoft Edge without having [...]

improve google chrome browser performance

Google’s browser Chrome has been running for a while now and is now the most popular browser. There are good reasons for this: it’s fast, compatible with a lot of software and connects you to the Google ecosystem so that you have access to all your digital stuff. But he can sometimes become slow over [...]

confirm whatsapp read

The new version of WhatsApp for Android is available for download on Google Play. The new version finally adds the option to disable reading confirmations. This is a much-requested feature to WhatsApp to protect the privacy of individuals. If you do not want your contacts to know if we have read their messages since version [...]

avoid whatsapp group consent

One of the most frustrating things about WhatsApp since time immemorial is when someone adds you to a group without your consent. Ten years later, a new privacy option is now being activated to avoid just this. The new option is now activated for WhatsApp users and allows you to choose who can add you [...]

wikileaks founder julian-assange-arrested

Internet activist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have been arrested in London at the Ecuadorian embassy. The 47-year-old was deprived of diplomatic asylum. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in London at the Embassy of Ecuador. The native Australian lived there since June 2012 in self-imposed exile. The 47-year-old wanted to avoid arrest and [...]

Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3 maintenance update

Mozilla is redistributing a new version of Firefox. The developers of Mozilla have released an unscheduled maintenance update to version 66.0.3 for Firefox for Windows, macOS and Linux. With this update, Mozilla has not closed any security holes and added new features, but fixed bugs found in previous versions. The address bar on tablets under [...]

browser extensions and add-ons for safer browsing

World Wide Web can be a very dangerous space which is full of viruses adware ransomware and suspicious scripts hidden inside web pages. These malware’s are capable of invading your privacy, checking your browser habits and steal your login information. The default Windows security software and other third-party security tools are capable of defending your [...]

review nordVPN

If you are looking for one of the most trusted and respected VPN Service, Nord VPN is the one for you. This Panama based company offers a whopping 4901 servers across 62 countries. The company also offers service to a variety of operating systems and devices such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Android [...]

Stellar Phoenix data recovery

Stellar Phoenix is one of the biggest names when it comes to data recovery. Their software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is well known for its flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness in finding lost files. Stellar Phoenix software can do a normal search looking for deleted files such as photos, audio, video, office documents [...]

installed software vs portable software pros and cons

Portable Software vs Installed Software – which is the right one for you? A client recently asked for my opinion. So here are some points which might help you make a decision for yourselves. The software can be used in two different ways. An Installed Software needs to go through the process of installing in [...]