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Internet Security

Gooligan malware hack Google Account

There is a new strain of malware that is infecting Android devices. The news was first released by Israeli security researchers at Check Point. The malware is rumored to have hacked over a million Google accounts. According to experts, the malware can be used to steal data from Google Drive, Gmail accounts and Google Photos. [...]

Check Security Software is working properly

As a computer technician, one of the frequently reported problems are the ones that is caused by presence of virus and malware. In most cases, it was diagnosed that security software has stopped working or somehow got disabled without owners knowledge. Yes, it is possible that your security software may look like running, but it may [...]

Android Dress Code Malware

There is one more malware that is making news by infecting Android devices. The main source of infection is from the infected Apps in Google Play Store. The new malware is named DressCode.  The malware is identified as a Trojan which is incorporated in at least 3,000 Android infected apps in Google Play Store. The [...]

In September 2016, Yahoo admitted that hackers accessed more than 500 million accounts in the year 2014. The hacked information includes usernames, email id’s, security questions and answers, phone numbers, date of birth etc. Fortunately, no credit card details were stolen. According to Yahoo, the hack was done by state sponsored hackers from another country [...]

Fix problems with Facebook not loading properly

Every week I get at least 15 requests regarding problems with Facebook not loading properly. It’s not surprising considering the fact Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 1.71 billion active users every month. This article is about how to fix any problems with Facebook not loading properly. The troubleshooting steps are organized [...]

opt out of WhatsApp and Facebook Data Sharing Agreement

Did you receive a notification which looked like the picture above? If you recently downloaded updates for WhatsApp, you might receive this notification. Here is what happened. Facebook seems to have come to an agreement with WhatsApp to share WhatsApp data. Facebook which bought WhatsApp recently, wants to use this data to display more relevant [...]

remove google redirect virus from android

Google redirect virus is one of toughest and most annoying infections malware in recent times. When a device is infected with google redirect virus, it redirects all search results to an advertisement page or a malicious webpage. In the beginning, Google redirect virus used to be a threat only on PC’s. It usually infects PC’s [...]

Fix Kaspersky reboot loop problem

Just noticed that my Kaspersky require a reboot since it installed some updates. That was strange since Kaspersky haven’t asked in a long time to restart computer after installing update. Assuming it’s a one-time occurrence, I restarted computer. After reaching the desktop, Kaspersky once again popped up asking for reboot to install update. This thing [...]

android godless malware

There is a new Android malware which is fast spreading across India according to security specialists Trend Micro. Using their Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service, the company estimate over 850,000 devices worldwide. Almost half of the device 46.19% is estimated to be in India. How does Godless Android Malware Attack? The malware get inside [...]

whatsapp gold scam

Last week, a member of my Whatsapp group sent out a link inviting everyone to try the new WhatsApp gold edition. She got it from someone else and had innocently shared hoping it might benefit the group. I didn’t give much thought at that time, hoping to try it later and then forgot.  Being the [...]