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All you need to know about internet cookies

Cookies are data that a website caches on your computer when you visit the site. These cookies come from any websites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. It contains information such as Account name, language, page settings, e-mail address, etc. The cookies are meant to facilitate surfing the internet. For e.g, the cookies save username [...]

cryptojacking prevent illegal mining

Your computer could be secretly mining cryptocurrency, piggybacking on your computer’s processing power to generate new coins and make transactions without your knowledge. The worse, you don’t even get even a share of what was generated using the resources of your computer. Cryptojacking is the unauthorized hijacking of other’s computer or resources for the purpose [...]

PicPick - Best Software for taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots is something that everybody does quite often than they used to do in the old days. Most users like to take screenshots of payments, bills, receipt just to keep it as evidence so that they won’t get burned in case of any transaction issues. There are tools like Windows own native Snipping Tool [...]

google chrome OS updates

In many areas, Google’s Chrome OS platform is starting to feel like a desktop version of Android. He increasingly looks like Android, behaves like Android and even runs Android apps. But the operating system is fundamentally different in concept and under the bonnet and functions completely different in a number of ways. One is how [...]

google chrome easy to handle Android

Websites that do not take into account your mobile device, mobile-unfriendly interfaces, commands that require too many actions; using the internet on your mobile can be a real frustration. Fortunately, there are a number of useful tricks that you can use to improve your mobile internet experience. Quickly switch between tabs Do you have multiple [...]

ESR version Firefox 68

Mozilla has released the new version 68 of its Firefox browser, which also serves as the basis for the new ESR ( Extended Support Release) variant with long-term support. Among other things, the update includes new add-on management and adjustments to the Tracking Protection. Firefox is now available in the new 68 version. The new [...]

renew AIMP skin

Just like most media players, the creators of the media player AIMP also provided the possibility of decorating the program’s interface using removable covers (skins). Such covers are published on different websites. First, you need to download AIMP skin files from the skin archive of the website. Extract the file which is usually a skin [...]

check VPN security

Every time I hear or read this phrase I think about some sort of expensive plumbing problem. And you know what? Just as a plumbing problem could be catastrophic, a leaky VPN could be as well. So what can you do to make sure all is well and you don’t have some maintenance to do? [...]

edge browser with internet explorer mode

Soon there will be no more Internet Explorer. Windows will now have an IE mode inside Edge browser. For users and companies that need the legacy software IE, they still can use it as an IE mode inside the Edge browser. “The new Internet Explorer modes accurately render IE-only content within Microsoft Edge without having [...]

improve google chrome browser performance

Google’s browser Chrome has been running for a while now and is now the most popular browser. There are good reasons for this: it’s fast, compatible with a lot of software and connects you to the Google ecosystem so that you have access to all your digital stuff. But he can sometimes become slow over [...]