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IP code protection

IP Code also called Ingress Protection, is an International Protection Marking to rate devices based on the extent of protection provided by the casings and electronics enclosure against dust, water, collision impact, and intrusion. The two numbers of the protection class have the following meaning: The first digit indicates how resistant the housing is against [...]

automatically delete location details from Google

Google finally seems to take privacy more seriously. Earlier this year a simpler and more transparent way to access your Location history and activities on the web and in apps and to delete data appeared. This seemed largely a reaction to the fuss after it turned out that your location could be accessed in other [...]

renew AIMP skin

Just like most media players, the creators of the media player AIMP also provided the possibility of decorating the program’s interface using removable covers (skins). Such covers are published on different websites. First, you need to extract the files from the skin archive of the website. Extract the file which is usually a skin name [...]

start menu full screen windows 10

Windows 10 was originally designed with the intention of being compatible with Tablets and Smartphones. Naturally, the start screen in tablets and smartphones cover the full screen. It is not always the case when it is displayed on a PC and laptops with a big screen. Click Start -> Settings -> Personalization Click Start option [...]

Move Toast Notifications from top to bottom in Windows 10

Some users are not comfortable showing notifications on top of the screen. Especially for a recently migrated user from Windows 7 to 10, most users prefer notification at the bottom of the screen just like in Windows 7. They may not like Windows 10 notifications in the upper part may not seem very convenient. It [...]

Disable Password when logging into Windows 10

When using a Microsoft account, Windows 10 requires the user to log in to the system using a password, PIN or Windows Hello every time the computer is turned on. Not always in this requirement, there is a serious need, the following describes how to configure automatic login without a password. How to disable Password [...]

recover deleted files from iCloud

All data that was placed in the iCloud cloud storage and was deleted can be recovered within 30 days after deletion. You can access the remote data from the web version of the service. Go to the iCloud.com website on any device. Log in to the cloud with your credentials, if your account has two-factor [...]

How to disable notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 notifications can get annoying at some point in time when there is too much of them. At some point, some website is going to get inside the show notification list and start showing notifications every time you do some actions. Some Apps show notifications every other hour which can get pretty nuisance. If [...]

enable mono sound windows 10

Audio tracks are great to listen to in stereo mode. However, there are times when Mono Sound is better than Stereo sound. People who are hearing impaired may find it difficult to listen in Stereo mode. Also some devices with in-built audio play Mono sound better than Stereo sound. Enable Mono Sound in Windows 10 [...]

windows 10 this pc default

When you open Explorer window in Windows 10, a special folder “Quick Access” is opened by default. There is nothing wrong with this as it shows direct access to almost all useful locations in one click. However, some users prefer to open “My Computer” folder as in older versions of Windows OS. The older My [...]