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Google Chrome Performance improvement by freeing Memory Usage

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. For one, it is the fastest web browser in the world. The browser has a simple user interface and considered very secure. Chrome is fast, but it mostly doesn’t reach customers expectations. One of the frequent complains about chrome is the high memory usage [...]

Free hard disk space in Windows 10

Every time when Windows install a major update, it automatically installs a rollback option that let users reverse back to a state before installing the update where the computer was working fine. This is a clever fail-safe option from Microsoft. Windows updates have a long-standing history of screwing up settings inside computers which was working [...]

Setup Dynamic Screen Lock in Windows 10

It is very easy to lock Windows. Just use the keyword combination Win + L to lock the Windows. To unlock, hit the Enter key or Ctrl + Alt + Del combination to get the login screen. Then enter the password and continue working. The method is very straight forward, but not perfect. Problems with [...]

How to take screenshot using Xiaomi Redmi

Screenshots are valuable when you need to communicate a message. These days screenshots are frequently shared between users to make a point. Manufacturers are also making it easy for users to take a screenshot. Here how to take a screenshot using Xiaomi Redmi. Here are the two methods that can be used to get a [...]

How to block annoying Facebook notifications from Games and Apps

Are you receiving notifications frequently from Facebook regarding playing a Game or downloading any particular App?  How can you block it? It is pretty easy. Here is a detailed step by step detail on how to block annoying Facebook invitations from Games and Apps. Turn off notifications from your phone using Facebook App Launch the [...]

All you need to know about USB, USB versions and USB Data Transfer Speed

USB technology has been around for more than 20 years now. We have become so used to taking it for granted, and we do not consider it special. Although it is almost impossible to never use a USB device or to connect a USB connector to a USB port, you may not know what USB [...]

set up App Lock in Redmi

Chinese Xiaomi phones allow you to lock any application with password and fingerprint. The native MIUI interface function is useful to prevent intruders from gaining access to important information and using your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. When enabled, the feature prompts the user to enter the password or touch the fingerprint reader [...]

Delete all Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker, you’ll find out how convenient its built-in Alexa voice assistant can be. Alexa allows us to do things that were previously classified as science fiction, such as turning off our smart light sources, activating security cameras and ordering a taxi – all in one voice. This convenience comes [...]

Windows 10 standby mode

Windows 10 has various types of sleep mode, one of which is Modern Standby (modern standby). It is not available for all laptops and desktops that can work on the system. It is limited to certain equipment. There is not even a list on the official Microsoft website, on what type of equipment it is [...]

Windows PowerShell and how to start it

Windows PowerShell is an integrated tool for automating user scripts for the Microsoft Windows operating system, built on the basis of the command-line interface. It is intended primarily for system administrators, as well as for all advanced users. The history of the emergence of PowerShell in the family of Windows operating systems is as follows. [...]