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windows 10 reset WiFi settings

Windows 10 got a lot of features to simplify tasks to make the OS work better. One common problem you may face is Windows 10 network settings. Some WiFi needs specialized settings to be configured to get internet access. This might upset the configuration of other Wi-Fi that is used regularly. Apart from the basic [...]

log out email account remotely

Have you been in a situation where you forgot to log out your email account on another device? It’s creepy to even think about someone opening your account and going through your personal emails. Fortunately, it is easy to come out of it if your email account is from Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Here is [...]

mozilla thunderbird profile

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular free email clients in the market. Recently, there were rumors of plans to wind up the Thunderbird program by Mozilla because of the overbearing cost of maintaining the project. But it seems they may continue to support the software after requests from software users and the development [...]

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft launched its brand-new browser, Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10. In March 2015, Microsoft announced the release of IE version 11 and confirmed that it will be the last update for Internet Explorer. Microsoft is slowly wrapping up support for Internet Explorer and encouraging users to use Edge over Internet Explorer. However, [...]

YouTube comment mode using Chrome

People watch a lot of videos these days, especially on YouTube channel. Apart from watching videos, it is also interesting to go through the comment section to see the conversation that is happening, find other people’s view and add your own conversation to the discussion. The problem with YouTube is that you have to scroll [...]

troubleshoot start menu tiles missing in Windows 10

There was this case when a customer complained about missing a lot of tiles from the Start menu in the process of fixing a malware problem. It is not clear if the tiles were removed because of the malware attack or if it was removed as part of the troubleshooting steps. Removal of tiles from [...]

which is high speed Ethernet or WiFi

Ethernet or WiFi? A common question when you have the luxury to connect internet wirelessly or using a wired connection. WiFi is now the common mode of internet connection in most homes and offices. WiFi is free from cables. You can connect almost any device to the wireless internet. Another advantage is you can roam around [...]

configure multiple time zones in Windows 10

Some users like to keep track of time in different countries and time zones. The reason might be related to work where you need to keep track of time in multiple locations around the world or for a simple reason to keep track of time at your native place when you are in a foreign [...]

enable automatic log in to Windows 10

Are you tired of seeing the login screen whenever you open Windows 10? Are you tired of entering username and password every time you start Windows 10? If yes, the good news is that it is possible to automatically log into windows without entering any username and password or the login screen itself. Once you [...]

install Windows 10 Apps in new drive

Saving hard disk space is rarely a problem especially when it comes to installing Apps. Most windows App don’t consume much space unless it’s a high-end App or game. But for some users, they might come across a situation where they want to free space in the main partition.  This problem is more common in [...]