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install Windows 10 Apps in new drive

Saving hard disk space is rarely a problem especially when it comes to installing Apps. Most windows App don’t consume much space unless it’s a high-end App or game. But for some users, they might come across a situation where they want to free space in the main partition.  This problem is more common in [...]

precautions for online transaction users

Online transactions gathered a huge momentum in the last few years. Every year e-commerce stats are growing exponentially. Every year more users are opting for online transactions to buy products as online stores provide a much wider range of products than a regular shop and also comes at a cheaper price. With so much growth [...]

ccleaner duplicate file finder

We live in the information age where there is no shortage of information that can be downloaded and stored inside your computer. The popularity and increased availability of high-speed internet allow users to download large sized HD movies, YouTube and music videos. Digital cameras and mobile phones made it easy to capture high-quality digital images [...]

iOS 10 Spotlight features

The spotlight is a desktop search feature which was initially used in macOS, which is now part of the iOS device. Spotlight in iOS comes with a lot of features which is not known to everyone. To start Spotlight, touch your finger anywhere on the home screen and drag down to reveal Spotlight search field. [...]

disable Windows 10 lock screen

Windows 10 lock screen is a great way to display the stylish login screen. You can set beautiful backgrounds, photos, application status, and Cortana on the screen. However, not everyone likes to have the lock screen and get distracted by it. For such users, they can disable the Windows 10 lock screen. There are 2 [...]

download entire YouTube Playlist

Downloading videos from YouTube is easier now with a lot of software and add-ons that support downloading videos. At times, you may end up having to download an entire playlist. For e.g., a step by step tutorial or a workshop, where the entire topic is divided into multiple videos. The problem with multiple videos is [...]

disable advanced options in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is slowly and steadily getting popular in browser market. Edge is known for its minimalistic design and fast performance with improved security features. The browser is getting better and is good enough to compete with the fastest and most popular Google Chrome. Just like in Chrome, Edge also allow Power users to configure [...]

convert print file pdf windows 10

This is one of the feature that previous version of Windows operating system cannot do, but Window 10 can do – Create PDF file. Windows 10 comes with in-built feature to create PDF file. Anything that is printable can be converted to PDF. Yes, it was possible to create PDF’s in older versions of Windows, [...]

prevent extensions from installing in google chrome

In Windows OS, users can be blocked from making system changes or installing software. The administrator does this by creating user accounts which have limited permissions. This is done to keep the operating system safe and prevent other user’s activity from creating problems. The same can be done on Google Chrome. There are plenty of [...]

Google Chrome extensions keyboard shortcut

To those who work constantly on a computer, keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to open options quickly. Opening an option with a couple of keystrokes is far less strain compared to dragging the mouse pointer, clicking on menu and submenu to open a particular feature. Apart from the strain, keyboard shortcuts also save couple [...]