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Cause and Fix for YouTube display unusual traffic from my computer network error

troubleshoot YouTube display unusual traffic from computer network

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Sometimes you may find a YouTube link for viewing a particular video. Once you click the video, you might come across an error message as described in the above picture.

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

Cause of YouTube ‘unusual traffic from my computer network’ error

The cause of the error comes from the YouTube link.

For e.g., look at the YouTube error that created this error message. youtube.com/ watch%3Fv%3 D6QcaW MKyc8o

The link contains the ‘%’ symbol which is known as the percent encoding. This is done for better compatibility, but unfortunately, it sometimes creates a problem. In this case, YouTube does not understand the ‘%3F’ and ‘%3D’.

YouTube wrongly interpret the presence of these characters as a sign of malicious activity. This can come from programs that can generate automatic scripts or robots which can be used to view the video for increasing views or increase ad hits to generate more income. YouTube attempts to block such activity automatically and that is when the error message is thrown out.

Fix for YouTube ‘unusual traffic from my computer network’ error

The permanent solution to this error is when YouTube recognize these special characters in the link. They have to find an alternate solution to narrow down the real script and robot attacks on their link. Till then you have two options to fix the error.

  • Replace %3F with ? and %3D with =
    For e.g., I changed the link from youtube.com/ watch%3F v%3D6Q caW MKyc8o
    youtube.com/ watch?v=6Q caW MKyc8o.I was able to visit the YouTube link without encountering any problem after making the changes.
  • Search for videos directly from YouTube
    The above method may not be comfortable for many of the users. In that case, you can directly go to YouTube and search for the video. Since the video links are generated from inside YouTube, you won’t have the problem with %3F and %3D.
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Hope this article helped you understand the problem and how to fix it. Use the comment section to share your experience, queries or give feedback.

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