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CCleaner browser launched by CCleaner manufacturer Piriform

ccleaner browser launched

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The CCleaner manufacturer Piriform is launching a new browser. A first preview version is now available for CCleaner browser download.

Users should be able to control the tool better, where and how they leave their digital footprint. The CCleaner browser is essentially comparable to other browsers, just faster and more secure, according to a blog post from Piriform.

Among other things, the new web browser has numerous blocking tools. Advertisements are suppressed as standard. Also on board are blockers against fingerprinting, phishing and tracking.

Also integrated into the browser is the well-known Piriform cleaning tool: the CCleaner. This frees the computer from no longer needed legacy. On one hand, Piriform wants to improve the safety of the users on the other hand, but also to speed up the system. Fewer the data has to be processed in the background, the faster the computer runs – that’s the basic idea.

Individual adjustments and additional protection

Next, it says in the blog of Piriform that all settings are individually customizable. In the security and data protection center of the CCleaner browser, the user can freely switch the various functions on and off.

Specially listed is the Privacy Cleaner tool. In addition to the junk data that the CCleaner eliminates, the Privacy Cleaner also ensures that surf history, cookies, cache and more are cleaned up. On the other hand, login data that the user has deliberately stored in the integrated password manager is not deleted.

Apart from the direct integration of the in-house cleaning tool, the CCleaner browser hardly differs at first glance from competing products like Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome browser. Competitors are also increasingly focusing on security and equipping their solutions with functions such as various blocking features. Keep in mind that CCleaner Browser is not a Piriform development of its own. Chromium is used as a substructure, as with many other solutions.

CCleaner Browser is currently a preview, which the developers emphasize once again. An official release date for the final version is not yet known. So it remains to be seen which features and improvements will find their way into the new browser.

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