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Challenges of removing google redirect virus (Part 4 of 4)

google redirect virus infection

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Who is to be blamed for google redirect virus issue?

During my tenure as a technician,I keep getting this question as to who is actually to be blamed for the google redirect issue.

Man created computers, Man created softwares and the same man created virus

Is the computer user to be blamed for his negligence on not following the best practices for using a computer?

In my earlier post I had mentioned about some of my clients who had this infection. They are hardcore technicians and I don’t think they are stupid enough to let the infection come in.

Google Redirect Virus – Step-by-step manual removal guide (latest update)

Should the operating system be blamed for the issue?

Considering, this issue is also happening in Mac systems, I would rather not blame Microsoft for this issue. If the question is why there are more instances of this issue happening in windows operating system compared to Mac, the answer is in the statistics. If you consider 83% of world population use windows operating system, that explains it.

So should I blame my security software for not protecting my computer?

My answer is “What is the point in blaming them?” If you look at some of these million posts requesting for help on this topic, you can see that most of the users already had a security software which failed to protect them. Whether it’s Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Bit Defender….the list goes on. All these reputed and well know security softwares failed in protecting against the google redirect virus. Only some of the tools that I mentioned in previous page were able to remove it. But the problem is, the results are not consistent. If a tool worked for someone, it failed to solve the same problem in another. The only exception I found till now is the tool from FixRedirectVirus.org. So I don’t see any point in blaming any particular security software for failing to protect.

So finally, whom should I blame?

I like to blame it on the individual or group of individuals who created this virus. I wish, I know the name  of the person or group who did this. From my personal experience, this issue gave me more sleepless nights than any other computer related issue. (The other issues that I found very frustrating as a technician were the issues created by IE 7 and Service Pack 2 for XP when it was released. But those were short lived as Microsoft did fix it finally) Leave what it did to my sleep, but the most painful experience was seeing the pain, frustration, countless hours of unproductive time and loss of business to some of the customers. Till now, none of the big shot security softwares have found 100% effective solution in removing this infection. One thing is sure, I won’t under estimate the genius brain who worked behind this infection. I wish if that was used for a better cause.

What should you do to keep your computer safe from computer infections?

When time permits, I shall add another post on the best security practices to follow for safe computing. I guarantee that these  suggestions are not anything new, but I hope atleast some of my suggestions will strike a chord and help you in making your computer safer.

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