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Clean LCD Screen properly – Laptop or Destop

How to clean LCD screen properly

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A clean LCD screen is the most important factor when It comes to visual media. LCD screen needs to be cleaned properly and periodically. Forget the scratches or deteriorating clarity after using it for sometime without cleaning, but an unclean screen cause unnecessary strain on your eyes without you ever noticing it. But care should be taken before the cleaning the screen.You can use any commercially available cleaners to clean the screen. But if you don’t know the ingredient of a cleaning solution and if you don’t use it properly, you might soon end up shopping for a new LCD screen.

  • Unplug the device from power supply. The cleaning involve using moisture. So it is better to unplug the device from power plug to eliminate any risk of shock or electrical damage.
  • Dampen a clean soft cloth with water. Cloth should be clean as small particles attached to the screen create new scratches.Dont soak the cloth, just moisten it. Please don’t use anything other than water.Some of the commercial liquid cleaners is ammonia or acohol based.Never use any Ammonia and alcohol based cleaners as this can easily ruin your LCD (May not be the first time, but it ruins the screen if used continuously) It might work on a CRT monitor, but not on LCD screen. For me, it took a bad experience in real to learn that.
  • Dont spray the liquid directly to the monitor.Spray it on the clean cloth and then wipe the screen.
  • Use a circular motion which is best for eliminating streaks and only use light pressure
  • If the water don’t work for you, use a mixture of 50/50 water and white vinegar.
  • Let the screen air dry for a few minutes. After making sure the screen is completely dried up, plug it back and turn on the screen

This should help you in maintaining a clean lcd screen.

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  • Microcasca January 3, 2012, 7:49 am

    Thank you! Very helpful informations. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year.

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