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Completely reset Wi-Fi configuration on Windows 10

windows 10 reset WiFi settings

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Windows 10 got a lot of features to simplify tasks to make the OS work better. One common problem you may face is Windows 10 network settings. Some WiFi needs specialized settings to be configured to get internet access. This might upset the configuration of other Wi-Fi that is used regularly. Apart from the basic configuration problems, you might end up having too many network configurations listed. This may reach a point where the WiFi settings need to reset to properly configure WiFi settings. Here is how to completely reset Wi-Fi configuration on Windows 10.

  • Right-click Start button
  • Click network connection. This will bring up the network status page
  • Click network reset
  • Under the network reset click on reset now (you will be asked to restart the Computer which is necessary to complete the reset)
  • Once the reset is complete, you now have a computer with all the network devices set to the factory settings.

Now you may start configuring network from start.

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