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Connect AirPods to Android smartphone

how to connect AirPods to Android Smartphones

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AirPods wireless headphones are believed to work exclusively with iOS devices. But this is only partly true. In fact, they can be used with any device, but you cannot fully manage them, because there is no Apple-branded Siri. Here is how to connect AirPods to a smartphone on Android.

Disadvantages of AirPods on Android

If you still decide that you want to connect the expensive wireless headphones designed by Apple to Android, then do not be upset. Connecting them is really easy because they work on the basis of the good old Bluetooth wireless technology. But there are a number of limitations:

  • Voice control of a smartphone without Siri does not work.
  • The remaining charge indicator without an iOS device for some reason becomes inactive.
  • Automatic stop of playback when pulling out headphones, of course, also does not work without an Apple device

How to connect AirPods to Android smartphone

If it doesn’t stop buying headphones with a stub and trimmed functionality, feel free to take them, but don’t be in a hurry to remove them from the case. To set up, you will need to turn on Bluetooth on your Android-phone and pick up a case with AirPods. Open the cover and proceed to the setting:

  • Hold the button on the battery case until the green LED flashes white.
  • On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and activate the pairing with AirPods. They will be displayed in the list with their name. What to do if there are several identical pairs of headphones next to each other is not clear.
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After the synchronization between the device and the headphones is complete, you can enjoy the music and not regret the money spent. Despite the shortcomings, the sound in them is really good.

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