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Copa America Football Live Indian Broadcast time

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Just thought of putting an information board for all football fans in India. Here is a list of live broadcast in Indian Time for all matches except the semis and final. Those will be updated later.

Copa America 100th anniversary edition started today in USA. There are a total of 16 teams.

4 groups in the tournament


Group AUSA, Costa Rics, Paraguay, Colombia
Group BBrazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru
Group CMexico, Uruguay, Jamaica, Venezuela
Group DArgentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia

Copa America Time Schedule in India Timing

4th June               USA vs Colombia              Group A               7.00 AM

5th June               Costa Rica vs Paraguay   Group A               2.30 AM

5th June               Haiti vs Peru       Group B               5.00 AM

5th June               Brazil vs Ecuador               Group B               7.30 AM

5th June               Costa Rica vs Paraguay   Group A               2.30 AM

6th June               Jamaica vs Venezuela    Group C               2.30 AM

6th June               Mexico vs Uruguay         Group C               5.30 AM

7th June               Panama vs Bolivia            Group D               4.30 AM

7th June               Argentina vs Chile            Group D               7.30 AM

8th June               USA vs Costa Rica             Group A               5.30 AM

8th June               Colombia vs Paraguay    Group A               8.00 AM

9th June               Brazil vs Haiti      Group B               5.00 AM

9th June               Ecuador vs Peru                Group B               7.30 AM

10th June            Uruguay vs Venezuela   Group C               5.00 AM

10th June            Mexico vs Jamaica           Group C               7.30 AM

11th June            Chile vs Bolivia   Group D               4.30 AM

11th June            Argentina vs Panama     Group D               7.00 AM

12th June            USA vs Paraguay              Group A               4.30 AM

12th June            Colombia vs Costa Rica  Group A               6.30 AM

13th June            Ecuador vs Haiti Group B               4.00 AM

13th June            Brazil vs Peru     Group B               6.00 AM

14th June            Mexico vs Venezuela     Group C               5.30 AM

14th June            Uruguay vs Jamaica         Group C               7.30 AM

15th June            Chile vs Panama               Group D               5.30 AM

15th June            Argentina vs Bolivia         Group D               7.30 AM


17th June            Group A (1) vs Group B (2)           QF 1

18th June            Group B (1) vs Group A (2)           QF 2

19th June            Group D (1) vs Group C (2)           QF 3

19th June            Group C (1) vs Group D (2)           QF 4

Semi Final

QF 1 vs QF 3        SF 1

QF 1 vs QF 3        SF 2


SF 1 vs SF 2

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