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Device says Wireless connected but No Internet Access

troubleshoot Wireless connected but No Internet Access

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Why does my laptop say connected but no internet access? Wireless icon in taskbar shows the wireless is working, but there is a yellow exclamation box saying no internet access. How can I fix it?


This means the laptop is connected to a wireless connection which works fine, but the internet connection through the wireless is not working. In other words, the router which is responsible for wireless connection is working fine, but modem which is responsible for internet is having some issues.

You might have a modem connected to a wireless router through which internet is connected wirelessly. In this scenario, you will have to restart the modem and then check the connection. It is much better if you shut down the modem and router for a minute and then restart it.

Modern routers come with modem inbuilt inside router. In this case, you just need to shut down the router. Wait for a minute and start it.

(It is advised to keep it turned off for 1 minute, so as to allow drain excess power to drain off.)

If the problem is still not fixed, you might need to contact your ISP for fixing modem.

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