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Disable Password when logging into Windows 10

Disable Password when logging into Windows 10

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When using a Microsoft account, Windows 10 requires the user to log in to the system using a password, PIN or Windows Hello every time the computer is turned on. Not always in this requirement, there is a serious need, the following describes how to configure automatic login without a password.

How to disable Password when logging into Windows 10

You can disable password entry when logging in to Windows 10 using the classic system utility “User Accounts”.

  • Press Windows Key + R for opening Run window
  • Type netplwiz
  • Under the Users tab, uncheck Users must enter a username and password to use this computer. ( If there are several users in the system, do not forget to select the necessary account in the Users list of this computer first.)
    Disable Password when logging into Windows 10
  • To apply the changes, you need to use the OK or Apply button.
  • Enter the account password in the “Automatic Login” dialog box and save it by clicking the OK button again.
  • Once the process is complete. Restart computer.

Next time you turn on your computer, Windows 10 will not ask for a password to log into the system.

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