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Dual Sim Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

dual-sim disadvantage

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Dual Sim, a feature which was available only in certain models and from certain manufacturers is now becoming a common feature for most new phones. Even Apple has joined the dual Sim club with the release of iPhone XS series.

Dual Sim phones are phones which have two compartments inside to accommodate both Sims. Such dual SIM phones allow two phone numbers to be used on the same phone. The main advantage is that you don’t need to buy a separate phone to use a second number.

How useful is a Dual Sim phone?

In private life, you may not need a Dual SIM phone, unless you want to strictly separate certain things.

If the professional life, in turn, would offer such a smartphone to unite work and home connection in a convenient device.

How does Dual SIM work?

Contrary to the long-standing standard, a dual SIM mobile phone no longer has only one but two SIM cards, which also results in various advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can not use both SIM cards at the same time in most cases.

Advantages of a Dual SIM Mobile Phone:

  • You have two phone numbers on a cell phone.
  • You can use two different Sims with different plans that are beneficial. For example, one Sim may offer very low cost for making calls, while the other Sim may have a cheaper data connection.
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In general, the dual SIM function allows you to use calls, text messages, e-mails, appointments et cetera separately. Nevertheless, you only need a mobile phone, a charging cable and a contact database.

Tip: For travel abroad, the second slot is available to buy a local SIM card and to communicate at the usual local rate. Above all, you can save good money here if you are traveling in countries outside the EU where astronomical roaming charges apply. In addition, you can still be reached at your normal number.

Disadvantages of a Dual SIM Mobile Phone:

  • Your phone could consume more energy.
  • Your Internet speed per SIM slot may be lower for Dual SIM.
  • Apps such as WhatsApp can only be installed once and only support one mobile number. You cannot have WhatsApp installed for both the numbers in dual Sim phone. You can only have one WhatsApp for one number at a time.

Which manufactures offer dual SIM smartphones are there?

Most manufacturer now offers dual Sim. Samsung, Huawei and most Chinese manufacturers have been offering dual Sim models for some time now. With the release of iPhone XS series, Apple has also started offering dual Sims.

And even Apple has followed suit with the iPhone, although different than expected. The current models have indeed a dual SIM function, but only in conjunction with a fixed eSIM. This means for you that you can only retrofit with an additional Nano-SIM.

Apple’s dual-SIM phones models

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

How to activate Dual Sim in smartphones

Configure Android smartphones

To set up your dual SIM phone and use the two cards, it’s best to do the following.

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# 1 Name SIM cards : If you do not want to work permanently with “SIM 1” and “SIM 2”, just forgive names. In the settings, you can not only give your SIM cards a unique name, such as “private” and “profession”, but also your own color.

# 2 Switch on SIM cards : Also in the settings you will find a slider to the right of each of the two SIM card displays. Is this gray, tip on it to activate the respective SIM card.

# 3 Set a SIM for traffic : Your Dual SIM phone will only allow mobile data through one of the two inserted maps. So you have to choose which SIM card you want to use.

# 4 Another SIM for Telephony / SMS : Although you can talk on both cards and send messages, but you do not want to be asked each time, which should be, just put it in the settings. It is recommended, for example, the card that is not already assigned the traffic.

Configure iPhone

If your dual SIM phone is an iPhone, you have to do something different. This is primarily due to the eSIM. What you need is at least iOS 12.1 and a mobile service provider that supports eSIM. From this must also come both tariffs.

# 1 Setting up eSIM: In order to use the dual SIM function, you must first activate the eSIM. This is done by QR code or app of your provider.

# 2 Forget your etiquette : Similar to Android devices, you can also set fixed names on the iPhone. Here, however, you name the tariffs, not the SIM cards.

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# 3 Determine which tariff makes what : Select which of your tariffs will become the default line. Use is used for calls and messages with people who are not in your address book. You can assign one of your two telephone numbers to your contacts individually or remembers your iPhone, which contact to last contacted with which number.

Conclusion: Yes, there are disadvantages of having a dual SIM phone. But there are also some advantages. For example, you save yourself a second smartphone and also good money when you make calls abroad with a local SIM card. In addition, most of the popular manufacturers now offer dual SIM phones, so you do not even have to do without your favourite brand.

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