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Extensions and Add-Ons for Safer Web Browsing

browser extensions and add-ons for safer browsing

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World Wide Web can be a very dangerous space which is full of viruses adware ransomware and suspicious scripts hidden inside web pages. These malware’s are capable of invading your privacy, checking your browser habits and steal your login information.

The default Windows security software and other third-party security tools are capable of defending your computer. but it may not be enough to protect you completely from malicious browser activities.

A solution to this problem will be to install browser add-ons or extensions specifically designed to protect your browser. These add-ons are lightweight, consume very less hard disk space and do not needs to be separately installed on your completely.

Here are some add-ons that can be installed on your web browser to give an additional layer of security to your web browsing.

Extensions for Microsoft edge

Open Microsoft edge and open Microsoft Edge extensions Store. These extensions are also available in the Microsoft store app. Once inside, you will be shown a list of available apps that can be used to protect your browser. Click on the extension that you want to install. Then click get the App. You may need to restart your ads for the extension to start working on your browser.


Ghostery is an Edge file extension. This extension will make the website load faster by blocking the ads. The extension can also block trackers which are designed to collect data like browsing habits. This extension is also available in Google Chrome and Firefox.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is an Edge extension used for saving passwords. The password is locked in a vault and saved in the cloud. Since it is saved in the cloud, you can use the saved password on another computer by simply logging to cloud account.


LastPass is another password manager that store secure passwords for different websites. The password manager is capable of creating unique and difficult to guess passwords for each visited websites. This extension is also available for Chrome and Firefox.

Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. The browser is very fast, consume fewer resources comparatively and support a wide range of extensions for different tasks. These extensions can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.

360 Internet Protection

This extension from 360 Total Security is one of the best security extension for Chrome. The extension uses a cloud-based malicious URL database which keeps track of the fraudulent websites. This allows the extension to give real-time protection against phishing, fraudulent and malicious websites.

Windows defender browsing protection

Hard to believe, there is a Microsoft Windows defender extension for Chrome. This extension is a must-have for every Chrome browser uses. It improves security tremendously. According to Microsoft, defender extension from Chrome possible to catch 99% of all phishing attacks. Without the extension, Chrome was able to catch only 82%.

Avast online security

Avast online security is a popular free extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension is very helpful in blocking phishing attacks and harmful scripts. It also gives you a warning if you attempt to visit a website with a bad reputation. You are also allowed to rate a website.

Mozilla Firefox

This is the location to download Mozilla Firefox Add-ons. Click on the add-on that you want to install go through the details then click add to Firefox if you want to install the add-on.

Self-Destructing Cookies (WebEx)

The Add-on simply removes the installed cookies when the browser is closed. This prevents the possibility of tracing down by hackers.

Facebook container

Facebook was very much in news because of leaking and concerns regarding the privacy of Facebook users. Mozilla has got an add-on which allows facebook site to be opened in a separate container which isolates the website from the rest of online activities. This way Facebook is prevented from tracking your online activities and the websites that you visit.

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