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Find suspicious App using too much battery in iOS device

iOS 10 find apps consuming too much battery

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The status bar in iOS have a battery icon where you can see the battery status and how much power is left. Knowing the percentage help a user to make a rough calculation on how much time is left before the device gets turn off automatically.

There is another feature that could supplement this battery feature. Some Apps consume more power than the others. This can happen for variety of reasons.

Why some Apps consume more power

  • Some Apps need more processing power. For e.g., graphics App, high end games
  • Poorly coded Apps can also lead to abnormal battery usage
  • Corrupted Apps
  • Apps that refuse to shut down completely and continue to run in the background without user knowledge

How to find suspicious App which is using too much battery in iOS device

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Battery to open battery screen
  3. Tap Battery Usage section
  4. Tap between the two tabs Last 24 Hours or Last 7 Days
  5. Tap Time option on the right side to arrange the Apps in order

Look for the Apps that are in the top of the list that is using maximum battery. If you find an App that is using abnormal levels of battery power, it is better to remove it. Maybe re-installing the App may make the App work normally.

If the App is a useful one which you would like to keep, make sure the App is shutdown properly without allowing it to run in background when not in use.

Completely avoid Apps that consume lot of battery power when the battery level is low.

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