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Firefox 68 released with new ESR version

ESR version Firefox 68

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Mozilla has released the new version 68 of its Firefox browser, which also serves as the basis for the new ESR ( Extended Support Release) variant with long-term support. Among other things, the update includes new add-on management and adjustments to the Tracking Protection.

Firefox is now available in the new 68 version. The new release also serves as the basis for the new ESR variant with long-term support. Highlights of Firefox 68 include redesigned add-on management, tracking protection changes, and an optimized dark view reading experience.

The add-on management included in the browser settings has made Mozilla in version 68 clearer. Users can now see at a glance which extensions are installed and deactivated as well as which add-ons have access to private windows. Especially recommendable extensions marked Mozilla with a small trophy. Further information and settings for the individual add-ons can be accessed via the three-point menu. Below the installed or disabled add-ons Firefox now also presents other recommended extensions from the store. This personalized selection is based on the extensions used, browser settings and usage statistics.

Tracking Protection

The crypto-mining and fingerprinting tracking protection introduced in Firefox 67 is now integrated into the strict privacy settings and does not need to be turned on through a custom setup.

In addition, the reading view for the currently very popular Dark Mode in Windows and macOS has been optimized. So now controls as well as the side and the toolbar are kept in the dark optics.

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The new WebRender for users running Windows 10 with AMD graphics cards promises a faster page layout. The rendering architecture uses similar GPU acceleration technologies as those used in PC games. The software aims to deliver computing tasks to the graphics card to relieve the processor.

Adjustments for virus scanners

To prevent conflicts with antivirus software, Firefox now independently activates the “enterprise roots” function, via which the browser compares its own certificates with the certificate store (root store) of the operating system. Since many virus scanners break up encrypted HTTPS connections using man-in-the-middle (MITM) methods, Firefox has repeatedly encountered problems in the past because the browser uses its own root store.

The ESR version of Firefox, with the update to version 68, gets an MSI installer for easier enterprise deployment. Configuration profiles can now be defined under macOS, and the macOS keychain is also supported for adding certificates. In addition, several new guidelines for admins are available in the ESR release.

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