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Firefox mobile OS soon to rock Mobile Market

firefox OS

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Mozilla is about to release its first phone using Firefox mobile OS. It was first showcased in Mobile World Congress January 2013. They will be available to consumers by early next year.

The first of these phones will be the ZTE Open which will be first available in emerging markets such as Mexico, Poland, Brazil and Colombia. According to Mozilla, the Firefox mobile OS will soon be available on brands such as LG, Sony, Alcatel and Huawei.firefox operating system

Firefox mobile OS is Mozilla’s attempt to attract more users from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The OS is built using HTML and JavaScript, the language used to build websites. This means the apps created on this platform will be able to run on the web and also on the mobile phone. The fact that these apps can be run from web is going to make this development interesting.

Like Android, Firefox OS is going to be an open source OS. This will allow developers to tweak Firefox OS to suit different phones. Contributions from open source community surely are going to take Firefox OS to new heights.

Mozilla made it clear that there will be no restrictions on where you can install Apps for the OS. The Apps can be installed either from Firefox Market Place or directly from the developer’s website.

What to expect from Firefox Mobile OS?

Nothing much is known about the new OS as of now. But Firefox OS is going to be a cheaper alternative to Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android OS. It’s a welcome move to see a new OS emerging in a market dominated by Android and iOS. Like other OS, Firefox OS is not going to restrict users downloading Apps from their own market place. The presence of open source community back behind the OS assures a great potential for success.  The biggest advantage with Mozilla is there is nothing to worry about privacy. Mozilla’s not for profit attitude means they don’t allow storing any browsing habits of customers for the purpose of helping advertisers to show targeted ad. With the recent controversial stories of iPhone storing user’s location data, Mozilla is definitely a brand that we can trust on not doing the same for profit.

However, don’t rush into any conclusions and go for the latest Firefox Mobile OS. It’s too early to rate the OS. It’s worth waiting a little more after the release, check the reviews and see if all the bugs are fixed and tweaked properly.

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