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Fix 0X80070714 error updating Windows 8.1

troubleshoot 0X80070714 error updating Windows 8.1

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0x80070714 error seems to be another major issue reported while updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. The error happens when trying to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 from Windows store.

The issue seems to be an issue with conflict with third party software. The solution is to go through the list of third party software and disable it. The ones that create the most problems are security softwares. If you are in a position to remove it and try update, do that. Or else, try to disable security software and then try update (disabling security software may not always be effective. So it is recommended it is better to remove the software and try updating.) If that don’t fix the problem, try a clean boot by disabling all other third party softwares.


  • There are reports of SQL server programs creating the problem. Some forum users have reported success in installing updates after removing SQL program. After the installation, you can install SQL back.

I will keep this post updated if there are any new solutions.

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