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Fix 404 Not Found error after installing WordPress

Fix 404 Not Found error after installing WordPress

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The error message mentioned here is targeted for webmasters who just created a new website and then end up getting 404 Not Found error. Here are the scenarios that I am talking about.


  1. The user bought a new domain and hosting space. He then install WordPress or other CMS as a platform to run the website. After installation, the user gets a “404 Not Found” error whenever he try to open his website or the admin link for opening the website admin area.
  2. In some cases, the 404 error is only restricted to the computer that the user is working on. The website and related links work perfectly on other computers and mobile devices.


  • When a new website is registered, the nameserver needs to be configured properly. The nameserver is responsible for converting the ipaddress of a website like to a human readable form like atechjourney.com and also backwards. If the nameserver is not configured for your website properly, the browser won’t be able to relate your website name and its ipaddress. So it will throw out a 404 Page not found error.
    Note: When a web hosting space is registered, the nameserver details will be send by email to the registered owners by the ISP.
  • The cache files saved by browsers are also responsible for bringing the 404 Page not found error. When a website is opened, some details are saved as cache to be used later. This include the outdated nameserver details. Deleting the cache will force the browser to download the details from start including the updated information.


Follow the steps in this order.

  1. Go to the cpanel and check the domain details. Under domain details, check if the nameserver details are properly updated. Cross check if the address listed there is the same that was send to your email id by your ISP.
  2. Open command prompt with admin privilege. Execute this command.
    ipconfig /flushdns (You will get a message “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. Your computer may have stored cached DNS details especially the outdated DNS details for your website which caused 404 Page not found error. This command removes all the cached DNS details and force the computer to start collecting fresh DNS addresses. )
  1. Clear the webpage cache from your web browsers. You can do it individually for each browsers that you use or else use Ccleaner which can remove these cache files more easily and effectively from all web browsers and Operating system.
    Here is a link on how to use Ccleaner.

Hope the issue is fixed. Use the comments section if you need any assistance

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