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Fix BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen Error

troubleshoot BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen Error

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BAD_POOL_CALLER is a blue screen error (BSOD error) which commonly happens in Windows OS mainly Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Most of the time, the error messages are not fixed. It may happen any time when you are working on your computer or laptop.

Step by Step Method to Fix BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen Error

  1. Check RAM

Most error messages are related to problems with RAM. The problem might be very simple.

  • Remove the RAM from module.
  • Clean the RAM slots. Remove the dirt from inside the slots which might be blocking the RAM’s contact point from the motherboard circuit.
  • Clean the contact points on the RAM.
  • If you have a free RAM slot, swap the RAM stick to the one which is free. This will help if the RAM slot itself is damaged.
  • If you have more than one RAM, try to run the computer with only one RAM stick connected. Swap the RAM periodically to find out which one is creating the problem

If the problem is confirmed to be with RAM, get a new RAM module. If it seems a RAM slot is damaged try to run the computer by inserting RAM on the other free slot. If that didn’t help, you need to replace Motherboard.

  1. Check the Memory Dump File

Eventhough most of the case is related to a faulty RAM, less frequently this can also be a problem with softwares, mostly faulty device drivers. Bugs in software can also create this error. One of the signs to look for software error is if you notice the blue screen popping up only when you use certain program.

  • If you have recently installed any program or device after which the problem started, uninstall it.
  • Read the memory dump file
  • When computer crash, it automatically create a dump file inside system root folder which is usually the C drive
  • Read the contents of dump file using Debugging Tools for Windows
  • Check for the file name which is pointing towards making a bad pool request
  • Check which program is associated with the file name.
  • Uninstall the program. If the program is an important one, download the latest version and install it.
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Hope the steps helped you in fixing Fix BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen Error. Use the comment section for comments or any further enquiry on the topic.

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