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Fix Check Disk keeps running on Startup

windows check disk error

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“A disk check has been scheduled. To skip disk checking, press any key within 10 seconds” Are you getting this error everytime you start the computer.

This is a common error related to your computer hard disk. Doing a disk check or check disk (commonly called chkdsk) is part of the system maintenance. In this article, let’s see what are the scenarios leading to this error and how to fix them?

windows check disk keeps running on every startup

Reason for getting Disk Check Error

  • The user might have scheduled a disk check on the system partition (usually C drive). Since the operating system is loaded inside the system partition, the computer won’t be able to do a scan at that time, but offer the user to do the scan immediately after the computer restarts. So you get this message.
  • If you don’t shut down or restart the computer properly, it can lead to the formation of bad sectors inside hard disk. One or two cold shut down may not create problems. But once it reaches a point where the integrity of space where information stored is at risk, the operating system will automatically schedule a scan to repair these errors.
  • The file system is corrupted. The file system may get corrupted for different reasons ranging from a malware attack, frequent installation, and uninstallation of software, software compatibility issues, corrupted operating system, bad sectors are all reasons for generating this error.
  • The hard disk is too old and needs to be replaced. This is mainly because of the presence of too many irrecoverable bad sectors.

How to Fix Disk check error under the following scenarios

  1. Run a scan and complete the disk check

A normal disk check can be simply fixed by allowing the scheduled disk check to run completely and fix the errors.

Most users stay away from running disk check because sometimes it takes too much time to complete the scan. So they choose to skip it everytime the error message pops up. If the error is severe, the computer keeps showing the message till a complete disk check is done. So if time is a problem, run the disk check when you leave office or just before going to sleep.

  1. Check disk screen repeats itself even after a scheduled scan was completed

This is the scenario when disk check is actually considered an error.

  • Sometimes, even if you shut down the computer the proper way, it may not shut down properly as some software may interfere with the smooth shutting down process. An easy way to find if that is happening is by using the event viewer. Open and check the logs in event viewer and check for any errors registered at the time of computer shutting down. If the error points towards any particular software, remove the software. The problem may not be with the software, it might have got corrupted. So, if it is an important software, re-install a fresh copy and check if it is still interfering with normal shut down process.
  • Run a complete security scan on your computer. Certain malwares are known to mess with files and software that leads to file system corruption.
  • Check the file system of your hard disk by opening My Computer -> right click on the volume for which disk check was scheduled -> Click on Properties -> Under the general tab -> Check if the file system is NTFS which is the latest file system for Windows OS. The NTFS file system is the latest file system and it is less prone to file system errors and bad sectors. If it is showing as a FAT32 file system, convert it to NTFS.
    To convert the file system from FAT32 to NTFS
    Press Windows Key + R, type cmd to open command prompt window
    Use the command convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs (drive_letter is the drive letter to convert to NTFS)
    Note: Converting from FAT32 to NTFS won’t cause any data to lose. But to be on the safer side, it is advised to take a backup before performing the steps.
  1. Run check disk screen is repeating because of a corrupted OS

If all the above steps are performed and still the disk screen is repeating, this might be because of a corrupted OS setting.

  • Press Windows Key + R for Run window, type regedit, click Yes to the screen that pops up. This will open registry editor.
  • Navigate to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Session Manager
  • Double click and open BootExecute on the right side. The entry inside should read “autocheck autochk *” as shown in the picture below. Change it, if you have to.
    Click OK. Close registry editor and restart windows.
  • Check if the disk check screen is repeating itself at the time of booting.
    windows disk check keeps running registry entry
  1. Check disk screen still refuses to go

Its bad new now, as it might be time to replace the hard disk. Over a long period, the hard disk might have gathered too many bad sectors preventing it from functioning normally. If the hard disk is older than 3-4yrs and is used frequently, look no further, replace the hard disk.

Hope you find the article informative. Feel free to share your thoughts and give feedback using the comment section below.

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