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Fix corrupted Internet explorer

fix corrupted internet explorer

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Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the most popular browsers in use now. There is nothing more irritating than having a slow malfunctioning browser for surfing the internet. Surprisingly, a lot of IE-related problems can be fixed by doing an Internet Explorer optimization. Even after doing IE optimization, if the issue continues, then this might be as a result of corrupted .dll and .ocx files. These files can get corrupted as result of malware attack, conflicts between software or changes like uninstalling or installing software. Some malware unregister the .dll file, which means the operating system won’t be able to recognize a .dll file even though it is present inside the computer.

.dll – also called as Dynamic Link Library. These are library files which contain certain function associated with it. The .exe files use .dll files to perform a particular function. For e.g., softpub.dll is a file which is used by Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) when visiting secured websites. If softpub.dll is corrupted or unregistered, internet explorer cannot browse secured website.

.ocx — special types of files, which allow the operating system to let the user perform certain functions. Some ocx files gets installed inside the computer while installing applications. The use of OCX files in a program will substantially increase stability and overall quality.

Symptoms of .dll and .ocx file corrupted in Internet Explorer

  • IE not opening properly or taking a long time to open up
  • Web pages in IE are loading very slowly
  • Blank web page loading and the page remains frozen
  • Unable to enter website URL in the address bar
  • Unable to re-size IE windows
  • Taking a long time to respond after clicking on links
  • Frequently getting “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error even with internet connection present
  • Unable to visit secured websites
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How to fix corrupted Internet Explorer

An easy fix is simply run the Fix IE utility. Fix IE Utility is a free utility developed by Raghu Boddu for Windows Club. Just download the utility from the below mentioned link. Close all open internet explorer windows, unzip the utility and click on run utility.

This can be run on IE versions 7 and 8. I am not sure if it can fix IE version 9. My guess is, a majority of the files are the same for all the versions. So it should fix IE9 issues as well. It simply re-registers all 89 dll and ocx files. This procedure is not going to change any internet explorer settings or crash your computer. So I recommend running this tool, once a week to keep your IE healthy.

The utility can be downloaded from Fix Internet Explorer Utility

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  • Kaluless July 16, 2014, 11:30 pm

    On my Dell Inspirion Laptop, my Web Browsers have stopped working. IE & Chrome come up but won’t display any message or fully complete loading in the add-on’s. Therefore I can’t download anything or access the web at all. I’ve done the IE optimization, I’ve checked my settings….I’ve tried to fix this issue for approx., a month now. Please help I don’t have any money & the only thing of value & way to contact me is through my laptop. No use to me without access to the web.

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