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Fix DNS Server problem on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

DNS Server problem on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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DNS Server problem is one of the most common reasons for internet connection problems. Usually most problems gets fixed easily just by turning off and on the modem and router which automatically acquire a DNS server address from your ISP. But that may not be successful every time.

There is another advantage in changing DNS server address. Normally, every device gets a DNS address from their ISP and the address is normally the one available near your geographical location. But there are other DNS addresses which can be assigned manually. Some DNS addresses give you a faster internet connection and some addresses give extra security.

How to fix DNS problem on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    1. Reset all devices

    First, shut down your modem/router. If both come as a separate device, turn off both. Keep it turned off for 2 mts to ensure a proper power cycle. It also helps to turn off your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
    Then turn on your modem/router. After that turn on your mobile device. Now check if the problem is solved.

    If this step didn’t work, try the next step.

    1. Re-Configure your Wi-Fi connection

    You need to re-enable the existing network.

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on your existing Wi-Fi connection
    • Tap on Forget this network
    • Tap on Forget
    • Now restart the device.
    • Go to Settings again and find the list of available networks
    • Now reconnect to your existing Wi-Fi

    This step allows the device to forget the existing setting and allow to reconnect from start. Check if the internet connection is back

    If the step didn’t work, try the next step

    1. change DNS server address manually

    Try changing the DNS address manually and check if it works.

    • Go to Settings
    • Choose Wi-Fi. Tap on the network you are currently connected to
    • Tap the info button next to it
    • Click on the DNS
    • Now type your Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS address. The DNS address is separated by “;”. For e.g., Google DNS address is and Put it as;
    • Now tap the left arrow button near your Wi-Fi to come out of that window.

    Now check if the internet is working. It would also help if you restart the device and then check if the internet is back.

Hopefully, this should fix the DNS Server problem.

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