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How to fix File History doesn’t recognise this Drive Error

fix File History doesn’t recognise this Drive Error

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

This happened today. I was writing an article, then I noticed an error “File History doesn’t recognise this drive”. Even though the problem looked simple, it took sometime to find the solution online.

Here is a step by step instructions to fix hardware not getting recognised

Below is the screenshot of the error message. Disconnect the drive when you do each troubleshooting step and connect it back to check if the problem got fixed.

  1. Check if the File History services are running properly

Basic step is to make sure the services related to File History and dependent services are running properly.

    • Press Windows Key + R for Run window, type services.msc
services.msc windows 10
    • Under the list of services, search for File History service and Windows Search
file history service windows 10
    • Right click on the service and click on Start if any of the service is stopped. If it is already running, click on restart. This is to make sure the service is running fine and not corrupted
file history service restart windows 10

Now connect the drive and check if the drive is getting recognised.

  1. Delete the corrupted configuration settings.

When a drive is connected for backup, some settings will be saved automatically for each users in their user settings. Remove these saved user settings and force the OS to recreate it once again which should fix the problem.

    • Go to C:\ Users\ <user_name>\ AppData\ Local\ Microsoft\ Windows\ FileHistory\ Configuration
file history AppData Windows 10
  • Delete all files inside.
    Note: In my case, the catalog1.edb could not be removed. Don’t force to delete the file or files that cannot be deleted. Proceed with next step
  • Connect the external drive and check if the issue got fixed.

If the problem is not fixed, proceed with the next step.

  1. Choose “No” to copy existing files
windows file history say no to copying files windows 10
  • Connect the drive. Ignore the drive not recognised error, click on the option below Run now
  • You will receive a message “Do you want to move your existing files,too?”. Click No.

After following the final step, the error was fixed in this case. Thanks to TimothyJ Hardin for this simple fix.

In case if you wonder, why not try the step 3 straight away? It is better to follow the steps in this order, so that we approach the problem from root level to make sure there are no hidden problems which may pop up later.

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  • John July 9, 2018, 7:34 pm

    Deleting the configuration files worked for me. Thank You.

  • Ted Jones January 20, 2018, 5:10 pm

    The last solution worked but I lost all my previous – lost – files but at least it is now fixed! I hope!

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