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Fix internet connection problems after installing Windows 10 Anniversary update

troubleshooting problems after installing anniversary edition Windows 10

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There seems to be problems after installing Windows 10 anniversary update. Some users even ended up in downgrading to previous versions to escape from the problem. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix these problems very soon.

One of the major problem reported repeatedly is related to slower internet speeds. Follow these steps to fix internet connection issues.

Step by step instruction to fix slow internet connection after installing Windows 10 Anniversary update

  1. Clear Winsock catalog
  • Open command prompt with admin rights
  • Run the command netsh winsock reset
  • Restart computer and check if the problem is fixed.

  1. Disable Auto-Tuning
  • Open command prompt with admin rights
  • Run the command netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  • Restart computer. Do an internet speed check and confirm.
  • If the problem is fixed with Auto-Tuning disabled, leave it like that. But if you find no difference after disabling Auto-Tuning, enable it by using the command netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal.

  1. Remove cache and temporary internet files

Your computer might have too many junk files in your computer. After windows update, it might conflict with the newly installed software. Do a clean up of temporary files and cache files. You may use a free software like ccleaner to get it done easily. Here is a detailed instruction of how to remove unwanted files using ccleaner.

  1. Check security software and firewall

Any update including Windows update are capable of creating problems. The problem happens mainly because these updates may accidentally corrupt a file or change file settings which result in conflicts and compatibility issues with operating system. So the solution is to remove the corrupted software. 90% of the cases, it is usually the security software. Once the problem is fixed, you may re-install the software back.

  • After disabling Firewall, restart computer and check if the problem is fixed.
  • If the firewall is part of your security software, then disable security software, restart computer and check the status.
  • If the disabling software does not work, it is highly recommended that you uninstall the security software properly. Then check the status. Once the problem is solved, you may install it back.

  1. Remove unwanted software

Check for any software that may influence your internet connection. For e.g., internet accelerator, add-ons etc. Uninstall the software and check the status.

  1. Check for hardware updates

Hardware manufacturers periodically release updates to get the best performance from their hardware. Check and install if there are any hardware updates for your computer.

If none of the solutions work, you may have a problem which needs to be addressed by Microsoft. Contact Microsoft tech support for solution.

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