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Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error after updating Norton Internet Security

Fix Internet Explorer error after updating Norton Internet Security

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Some users reported problems with Internet explorer recently after updating Norton Internet Security.


Internet explorer crash as soon as it is opened, with an error Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working. The same is happening, even with add-ons disabled. Resetting IE also didn’t work for some users. Some users have success by Turning on Enhanced 64-Bit Protected Mode.


A recent update (Feb 20th) from Symantec for Norton Internet Security recently is causing the problem. By the time of writing, they should have send a patch or update to fix the problem.


  1. Update Norton Internet Security and make sure all the latest updates are installed. If Symantec already released a patch, it should fix the problem.
  2. If still not fixed, optimize IE. Follow the steps here to optimize IE.
  3. Uninstall Norton Internet Security, Re-install it and install all the updates and check if the problem is fixed.
  4. If the issue is still not fixed, uninstall Norton Internet Security. Wait for Symantec to release patch to fix the issue. Meanwhile, keep your Windows defender updated as a first line of defense.

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